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YES! we luv a tv show! what??? shocker!! even though we don't review them often or even at all, due to our hopscotching from solely movies, we still luv them just the same because, duh, we're humans and, duh, netflix kinda makes it hard not to. but, that said, if there was anything that was ever gonna come close to rivaling our obsession, appreciation, and devotion to film/tv, it would be comics! yep, we're even bigger nerds than you thought! is it even possible? you bet your butt it is! so...evidently when the universe oh, so, kindly kisses us on the head and crosses the two - eh hmm *titans* - we greak out (you know, freaking out, but for geeks).

to begin, it's important to know that we be two proud mamas right now. you see, we've been watching this lil show grow up from the itty, bitty baby-season-one that it was when it was nothing more than a not-so-easy click and subscribe to the dc comics website to be able to even binge this sucker - to when it was available to watch on amazon (not prime, thanks bezos) during it's edgy-teen-phase for season two - all the way to when it eventually got picked up by hbo max as the mature tv show we all know and love today. so, from two peeps who have been there from the birth of this show, it's tearfully touching to see the expansion that this once wee lil series, titans, has had over the years. (also flex that 'original' all you want 'hbo' but we know you bought it).

now, before we progress any further, we knew we were gonna have to address the past, we have reviewed a whopping total of four marvel comics movies, and now all of sudden this dc comics tv show gets to walk right past the velvet rope and escape without a score, just a praise. what's up with that? the truth. nothing. we decided early on not disclose our answers to the inevitable question 'dc or marvel?' (and for anyone who isn't into comics, it's the equivalent of, like, asking someone about their politics). the reason for this is, as film buffs, we didn't want your opinion of our scores to be affected by the bias (whether for or against) of what fanbase we belong in. equally, we also wanted to establish that when we score a film, that bias has no effect on it whatsoever. so, just because we aren't giving titans a score doesn't mean we are or are not dc fans - just like giving marvel movies a score doesn't mean we are or are not fans of the comics or the movies.

woooh. big breath. now let's continue...although each season of this show is a character on its own, varying between our liking of consistency at times, the overall balance between cinematic, candy, and comic in this show is beyond like any superhero tv series adaptation we've ever seen before, setting it wwwaaayy apart from your normal nerdy nonsense. like any show, there is a recipe for scrumptiousness and a recipe for disaster. you don't want to mix up the sugar and salt and you don't want to add too much of one thing (unless it's cinnamon;). translated in human terms, the typical thing that is done with comic shows is to load it chuck full with action, fighting, and violence, leaving an overpowering taste that sickens and tires you out fast. ew. and while you're sitting through the repetitive oofs and ughs, you sit and think, what is the point? is there an actually story? has there been any character development? and you realize that you're left disappointed. disaster. however, titans is anything but typical. following a whole new recipe of its own (making it beyond scrumptious) the story is as rich as a drama, as intense as a thriller, yet still humorous like a witty comedy. the costumes are a sweet balance between keeping the original comic costumes in the show but adding a realistic current day twist to wave them from looking too cosplay-ish. and don't worry - there are still action scenes - but ones that coincide with the plot at hand! the heroes and villains are not made up of pancake batter. rising high and low at times, they are just as complex as the best and worst characters in your favorite tv shows. and the twists - like, holy smokes! they will rock you to your core, bro!! we could analyze this show even more specifically, but there isn't really one thing that makes titans so amazing. it's really the balance in the recipe.

so, luckily, if you haven't given yourself the pleasure of watching titans, you have three whole seasons to treat yourself too. and honestly, if that's your case, we're entirely jealous that you get to discover it new. but that's all good, we'll just watch it again for the - oh gosh, who knows what time? but for real, EAT! IT! UP!

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