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the most early 2000s stock-art photo was our goal, and we'd say we dominated that task!!

thank you very much!!

yo yo, whaz up peepers!! we have a very exciting sidenote for y'all today, as you probably already know since you clicked on the post. thank you for that. means a lot. anyways, today WITHOUT FURTHER ADO we are listing out and breaking down the reasons 'why?' you need to be listening to these 15 artists or in other words, here's our list of....

15 of our favorite, definitely underrated, hardcore boppin' banger-makers that u should be jammin' 2!!


when it comes to music, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. we respect that. we are not forcing you to be fans of those that we list. though, the following 15 expand various genres, so you might just find one you like. enjoy :)

1. AlienBlaze

start our recommendations fresh with adding the invigorating abstractness that is alienblaze to any of your playlists!! singing with slurry punches, alienblaze's music has an incredible resemblance to the vibe you would associate with an amsterdam bar. whether that be chillin' in your scotch and soda and enjoying the atmosphere with songs like "you're so cool", "13", and "broken hearted or what?" OR that be causing chaos and having a goldfinch/killing eve styled outing with "hate me", "youmademefeel-something" (one of our favs), and "romantically dead", your choice for a great time is equal!! though we recommend this music on its own entirely, if you are still for whateves hesitant, recently alienblaze opened for the artist kid brunswick, so that may also provide a general sense of what the music's vibe is (though, we think that alienblaze's music is a bit more out of the reg and unique). either way, if you know and are also a fan of kid's or don't know who we are talking about, give alienblaze a listen!!


the next artist we have for you is....oh my, oh my!! are you gonna love it....bonnie parker. though we should be clear that there are two different sounds pre and post their latest release, "party", which is the true definition of a banger, both sides to bonnie parker serve strength and sensational serenity. on one side, the ep actress is soft, a little bit indie, and embracing confident wallflower perspective lyrics. on the other hand, the single "party" is seductive, adrenaline-filled fierceness. hilariously enough the reason for stumbling across bonnie parker is almost too embarrassing to mention but too long to state now, we'll just have to sidenote on that occurrence. however, we'll just say our first greeting came with the song "scarborough st." but just like this song, all of their songs clearly have a special adorned beauty worked into each track. and when you listen to them, you feel that. you feel how they've been cared. you feel how they've been loved. personally we are just waiting for anything that comes next from bonnie parker, and we know that by introducing them to you, you would jump to agree, too.

3. Boys World

switching it up now to full on pop, we give you boys world. the 'BOYS' standing for 'best of yourself', this is the girlband you should be stan-ing. if we had to pick fav songs and couldn't choose all of them, we would say you should first listen to either "girlfriends", "wingman", or "all me". these hoppin' tunes are for sure smile-makers. there is no reason that listening to boys world wouldn't make you happy. those are just scientific facts!! seriously though, these girls (left-->right: makhyli, lillian, elana, olivia, and queenie) are not only rays of sunshine, they additionally are hardworking dancers, up-leveling their musical craft by each second. they truly are the girl group that we need. like, sure fifth harmony was cute, but they have nothing - and we mean nothing - on boys world. don't believe us?? why don't you give it a listen and then answer!!

4. Butterfly King

this next one is absolutely mind boggling!! HOW THE FUCK DOES BUTTERFLY KING ONLY HAVE THE FLUCTUATING AMOUNT OF 10-12 MONTHLY LISTENERS ON SPOTIFY!! like how!! for you, who probably isn't a listening just off of the sheer probable chance, butterfly king is a singer who has two singles and one album (don't touch me). all are amazing, obviously, obviously!! for instance, our fav is "jawline". the lyrics are so specific and the messaging hits right on the nose for a perfect FU post break up song. and even if you are in the space where you relate to that or not, this is a BS intolerant anthem that should be blasted on the speakers in your car and taken for a drive around your neighborhood. now, the song may be a bit 'different' at first, but its different melodic qualities make it so quirky and individual. and we swear, it's a prize of a listen. that's why, we have a very serious ask for you. LET'S GET THE MONTHLY LISTENS UP PLZ!! it's just that straightforward. thanks.

5. Etham

have you ever been searching for something you didn't know you were looking for?? equally, have you ever found something that you didn't know you needed?? because, let us tell you, the day we found etham, those two statements never felt so real!! his voice, like a graceful tuck-back of your hair, etham's songs are the heartbreak / heartfelt masterpieces you haven't heard before. and sure, there isn't much evidence to back this statement up other than feeling, but having etham in your life makes your life a bit more whole. if you are having a bad motivational day, listen to "for myself". if you want a serenade of falsettos, listen to "purpose". if you need a song to turn on when you learn how to drive that is quiet enough so your dad doesn't get mad but just slappin' enough for you to jam out to, listen to "opposite of loving me". and as we've figured out etham is always there for you, so it's just courteous to be there for etham.

6. Maya Karli

want to let it out?? maya karli's songs are cathartic powerhouse hits. truly!! listening to her music practically improves you mood and helps let out the anger you didn't know you had. oh, yeah, and also it is hella catchy!! the girth in her voice leaves her songs standing out from the others, who try to do the angry-alt vibe but fail. identically, it will leave you wanting her songs on repeat. and that's saying something for only having six songs. like, six songs!! no!! we want more!! most popular of the group is "the victim card", which makes you want to b!tch lean all them haters or idiots that make you crazy. to keep you in the loop, a b!tch lean(tm) is (obviously) a lean that's super cooler than a b!tch slap or any other physical 'excuse me' or clap back motion.

7. Mehro

despite what you think from this deep voiced boy-man, mehro's elegant vocals are the equivalent of what the general 'they' must be talking about when depicting the so-assumed divine act of lying down in a pretty meadow. just letting the sun shine down on your face, assuring you that you are safe and are going to have a great day. for real, listen to his song "perfume" and try to tell us you don't want to cry in blushy-sweetness!! 🥰🌸🤗 anyways, this tunage is for those who like the laid back, easy listening or just need to escape to the (hashtag twilight) meadow for a minute. we are going to now tm (twin mark) mehro's meadow. we may be going a bit tranquil on you. and you may not even know what we are talking about. but you gotta know something, because you clicked on this sidenote, and we promise that his hair isn't going to be the only thing you are obsessed with!!


now, if you are not here for the meadow music, here's missio. this duo from austin, texas (yeah, baby!!) is what we like to think of as the soundtrackers of dark electro-pop for angsty millennials. this said, we are gen-zers and we freakin' bang our heads to their music. that said, our parents also really like them, so, generationally, their music is well liked. currently working on what will be their fifth album, their latest single, "demons", is lyrically solid and pure fire ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥. the same thing goes for the first single off this expected album, "say something". yet, if you are still the more mellow type, don't worry, babe, the mafia's got you. oh, yeah. that's what they call their fandom. the missio mafia. isn't that bada$$?!?! don't you want to join?!?! don't you think not joining is gonna put you on the missio mafia's hit list....we don't know, but you should join just in case.

9. Moontower

who's moontower?? you may be thinking this. well, we didn't know either. it wasn't until we saw them open for another band we love, the wrecks, who opened for the driver era. yes, that's the ross and rocky lynch band. but, though the bro duo was enjoyable, the real treat was being introduced to the fabby moontower. promoting the beautiful message of taking care of yourself & taking care of others, moontower's music is electro poppy and disco dance supreme revival listening. now, we aren't saying that their music is disco to dump them in the 'disco's dead' category, because moontower is anything but dead. they are alive, thriving, and hardcore vibing. we had the immense honor to meet them after the concert, and the group is the sweetest. if you ever get to see them, you'll be just as lucky. OH, lucky!! and also, request for them to sing britney!! we are aware this may spark controversy, but they cover britney better than harry styles, who offensively sang (or should we say stumbled through) "toxic". just saying, leave it to moontower, harry.

spotify link because one slideshow we can't hyperlink:

10. New Hope Club

don't bother passing this paragraph if you noticed that we have included a boyband in our lineup, you're gonna want to hear what we have to say. first of all, it's 2022!! stop acting so posh about your music tastes when it comes to the ol' b-bands. they aren't that bad. especially, the new hope club. for one, they don't have a single bad song, their tunes always fit a mood, they're group's composed of three well-dressed gentleman, and they're british which doesn't hurt either. and even if you don't know their songs "turning red", "paycheck", or "know you too well" (aka some of our favs), that's fine, but the thing is: it doesn't matter if you don't know them, 'cause when you hear them, their songs make you smile. plus, their music and their bond with each's hard not to love them. so we can concede on the fact that you may not want to claim 1d as your go-to catalog, but give new hop club a shot. you might just like what you find.

11. Noah Davis

now!! moving on, you must be introduced to this queen!! slappin' down hit after hit, noah is a sass queen genius when it comes to music. equally, we can not get enough of how true someone on insta described mr. noah davis. calling his songs not fire but full on volcanos, this comment is nothing but pure truth. the heat of confidence that you get when you turn on your noah davis playlist is unbelievable. our personal preference is listening to noah as we strut on our daily walks, because if you are looking for bad b!tch, runway music, noah serves it. from songs like "tea", to "mad bitch", to "how much cash", to "twinkle twinkle", the bangers are endless. so no more pouting!! from now on you have no excuse to not go out and slay your life, because noah davis exists and we just introduced him to you!! now, go put on your crown!!

12. The OMG Girlz

this one is a throwback like no other. releasing their two singles, "where the boys at?" and "gucci this (gucci that)", in the glorious music year that was 2012, the omg girlz have two bops for girl gang, sleepover, party hits. why they weren't hecka advertised on the radio during this time is cuckoo bananas. we found these colorful gems on a spotify search up mishap, but the result was very much appreciated. unfortunately, the group split off to go their own ways, however we still recommend even just these two songs for whenever you want a little bit of flashback nostalgia to go along with your cody simpson. c'mon, we all know everyone has that playlist!!

13. Roy Blair

"why isn't everybody listening to roy blair??" is still a question we ask ourselves on the regular. sure at a glance, this ross-lynch-as-harvey-kinkle looking guy may give you f-boy rapper vibes, but no sirry!! roy has a wide variety of tunes, but we like to consider the majority a fresh version of bedroom pop-alt. vibes with a mix of angst here and there with songs like "family". and you know us, we love making bold remarks. but we only make bold remarks when they are DEAD TRUE!! and we mean it when we say cat heaven is one of the best albums ever!! we don't really get into fights with ours parents, but we legit got into a fight about cat heaven. a couple months after that argument, we listened through the album again to see if we were overhyping it, but, if anything, we were under-hyping it. roy blair is a one of a kind artist, who everyone needs to be listening to. and you can quote us on that.

14. Simone

okay, let's talk singer-songwriters. okay, now let's talk simone. 'cause she's the only singer-songwriter that you need to playing. spotify has a whole playlist for "the next big singer-songwriters" or something, and, yeah, they're good, but simone is a completely other scenario. penning the ability to switch from, what its ep title says best, sad songs for depressed girls with songs like "julia" and "fuck, i'm tired" to quickstep, get-together, finger-tappin' hits like "kissing strangers" and "nevermind", simone's songwriting craft is podium potential. and while everyone is cheering on olivia rodrigo for her radio-food breakup songs, we point to simone's song "wine". tugging on your heart, her pleading chorus is mesmerizingly beautiful. following a riff that easily competes - if not rivals - "good 4 u" and "drivers license". we rest our case. have your opinions if you will, but simone deserves recognition and support for her amazing talent!!

15. Will Jay

finally, do your remember "gentleman"?? from 2016?? well, this was how we got to know the artist will jay. singing a sweet love song about treating a girl respectfully and being guessed it....gentlemen, our 13 year old selves were sold. however, this was when we were listening to the itunes/pandora radio, therefore, we, back then, had no idea how to follow his music. also, we were not on social media and stuff, so that was the other half of it, too. anyways, it just so happened that once we got spotify, it didn't take long to look up this fella and fall in love!! we recommend that everyone starts with his latest album perfectionist. the tracks on it are slammin' jams!! "lies" is a hair-flipper and "writing a song pt. 3" is a for-sure-zzzz-sprinter!! but the entire album's gold!! just like the star earrings he's wearing on the album cover!! and his latest single, "planes don't fly", is a sun bathing anthem of peace, despite it actually being a sad song. speaking of peacefulness, will jay's personality, similarly to his looks, is such a cutie pie!! and his smile!! have you seen his smile?!?! look at his smile!! smile included in this bonus video!!

thank you for staying with us through all that. we appreciate your patience!!

hopefully you have found at least 15 artists you like - just joshing. hopefully you have found at least a handful. we truly do believe that these artists and musicians are underrated and deserve the spotlight a little more.

as you see, the insta links for the artists (those that have an account) have been provided by us below their paragraphs (how sweet). that way you can follow them, find out what new goodies they've got coming, and (obviously, obviously) be best buds with them. in like manner, the artists' spotify links are embedded/hyperlinked to each of their pictures (except for moontower), so you can easily access their music pages. for another way you can listen to and find their tunes, we have created a playlist for this sidenote that includes all the artists listed above. click the link, heart the playlist, have a nice day, and listen to great music!!

xo the twins!!

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