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hopscotchee: peter dinklage score: 68.5 rating: PG-13 time: 150 minutes

you can not, for one second, say that this movie does not deserve the hype it got. this movie had been the lead up for ten years, and with one shocking, unexpected ending became our generation's version of the sixth sense. no one went into this movie expecting what was going to happen, which no doubtfully made it a memorable movie. unfortunately, a downside to this film is that, since it was cgi-ed like crazy, as generations go by, they will lose the appreciation for how epic it is, not being able to get passed the fake animations. however, for those lucky enough to see it in its prime, sit back, get jazzed, and go for the head!!

yes, we are superhero and comic fans (honestly, who isn't?), and, yes, it might be hard to understand the full awesomeness of this movie without viewing all of the previous mcu (marvel cinematic universe) movies, but this movie finds a good balance between keeping the climatic feels for returning viewers while not baffling or losing any audience members new to the franchise.

sure the script had quick one liners, and the stunts were cool, but this movie was mainly composed of flashy-flashy sequences built for crowd roars. this movie had a lot to bring together, and for a full fledge marvel team-up, the timing of it all was most crucial. so the real hero of this film were not the heroes on screen, but the heroes offscreen. there were a lot of characters to cut to and introduce, but at the same time, not distract from the suspense of the film, and then appropriately (spoiler) throw in gamora's backstory. so, you have to give the gauntlet to the editors and sound mixers on this one. one notable way they pieced together this major box-office hit was by cutting away and introducing characters through the transition of music. this was super effective, while not overwhelming non-mcu followers (who just see this as a movie with a ton of celebs in it). for example, the scores break away into familiar and lovable triumphant themes during (spoiler) captain america's entrance, intervening with vision and wanda's battle with proxima midnight and corvus glaive, or even when the setting switched to wakanda, where the movie would have its final fight.

another thing worth mention was the final score. the most moving musical moment in this film was at the end credits, when (spoiler) the title disappears, tragically. and although instrumental, this sad ode to the movie perfectly says 'you lost'. however, this crushing resolution only could've been heightened the way it was due to the pace of the movie (again, thanks to the editors). the story was a constant tug-a-war between strategies and power-plays made by the heroes and villains, that really added to the emotional impact of (spoiler) the iconic snap at the end of the movie, that left the viewers confused and tear-eyed yet hooked for the endgame.

overall, besides (spoiler) peter quill's douche bag move and thor not finishing off thanos (man, they really should've brought in more chic power), this movie is an epic movie night watch on its own, regardless if you're a die hard avengers fan, more of a dc person, or just straight up, plain-jane not into comics. although, if you watch this movie, it might be hard not to convert.

-- thanks, peter xo

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