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hopscotchee: brie larson score: 73 rating: PG-13 time: 124 minutes

it's about freakin' time!! finally, marvel studios created their first female-led superhero movie!! captain marvel, not only groundbreaking, refreshes you with its impressive action sequences and spirit, making this movie stand alone in the mcu (marvel cinematic universe) and embark on a new era of superhero movies. so, if you love action films or are looking for something that breaks the status quo, go all in, because this movie's truly "higher. further. faster."

from start to finish, it is a full-fledge female empowerment movie. however, it didn't feel like the creators and their p.r. were just trying to put together a female empowerment movie to appease growing voices in the times. it still held true to core superhero staples, respecting the comics, while not holding back on the plot or her powers, because she's a woman. it, also, didn't feel like they were adjusting their previous standards from the male-led superhero movies. it was exactly what the audience was looking forward to and still appropriately fit the mcu.

also, unlike previous superhero movies that dive you straight into the action, captain marvel was an enticing origin story, going off of your typical chronological-type backstories. since, (spoiler) we meet carol danvers living in her new life without a clue about her past, the audience has to figure out things as she does. this was a creative and neat way to introduce her character, and only emphasized the climax when she figure out who she is.

enhancing this plot even further were the subtle messages embedded in the story. for one, (spoiler) political conflicts relevant today were resembled by the kree and skrull alien races. this highlighted issues that our world deals, using the movie as a platform to hear a voice of the argument, encouraging to keep families safe and together. also, unique from the rest of the leading mcu superheroes, carol danvers is the first to not have a love interest. for a female movie, it is appreciated to see that a woman's storyline doesn't have to always come down to the repeated love angle.

apart from the story aspect of this film, the technical side was just as influential in packing the punch. the 3 most noticeable contributions to this film were the shot comp., sound mixing, and the soundtrack. this entire movie was filled with creative camera angles, bright lights, and vibrant hues of reds, blues, yellows, especially (spoiler) at the beginning when carol danvers fights with the leader of the kree. and there's no doubt that no doubt's just a girl was perfectly queued during captain marvel's fighting sequence. the soundtrack as a whole was perfectly placed throughout the movie, fittingly composed of iconic 90s female artists. lastly, the sound mixing was some of the best from all of marvel's movies. it made scenes clean rather than chaotic, for example, when (spoiler) captain marvel breaks through ronan's ship. the music in this scene makes it profoundly climatic than destructive.

in conclusion, it is inspiring to know that now young girls, don't have to just grow up with your iron mans or captain americas as heroes to look up to - that they now have captain marvel as a role model, knowing that they don't have to prove anything to anyone and can be strong on thier own.

-- thanks, brie xo

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