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hopscotch credits: knives out, about a boy, little miss sunshine, the way way back

we're not going to just assume that you know toni collette, although if that is the case we're here to definitely change that, so, without any further adieu, let us introduce you to, legit, one of the best actresses on this planet!! possibly in the whole galaxy, but who knows? we're also not going to just assume there isn't some kick butt meryl streep on mars, 'kay, but if you're not into all that intergalactic, 5sos-outer-space buzz, toni collette aka cut throat collette is dead seriously one of the most sickiller actresses out there!!

our fascination with her started instantly from the second she appeared on screen in the 2012 sundance film, the way way back. although not even close to her first film, for this queen has been killing it before than. as we watched her flawless performance in the way way back, we were jaw-droppingly-shocked by her ability to tap into pam's uncomfortably timid insecurities and fully embrace herself in that cringe-ball of a role, which only speaks to her immaculately careful attention and awareness for the one-direction-little-things that allow her to bring her scripted character to life. and further amplifying the dreaded social awkwardness the audience has to endure from cut throat collette's added in particularities and ticks to her character, not only made pam seem more painfully natural, like she could actually be someone you knew (or worst you), but added to the level of commitment cut throat collette has for the art and drama of the film itself, which is beyond, yet simply put, inspiring to watch.

then boom! we switch to her as joni in knives out!! now, we know that we're not discussing the movies in order of our hopscotch, but we're explaining our journey of getting to know cut throat collette as the slaying force of nature that she is. so, to go on, this segway from the way way back to knives out was just incredible!! showing us her ability to play all across the scale of emotions, from shy, self-effacing women to over-boastful egomaniac with such confidence just impressed us further with the versatility brought to the screen in each character. sure, cut throat collette still plays a mother in an eccentric family, but the diversity in the performances delivered in both roles was like witnessing a beautiful sunset and sunrise, both revolving around the sun, but both incredibly extraordinary and unique in their own ways. and to even be comparing her filmography at all, one cannot fault to mention hereditary and little miss sunshine or forget her role in the sixth sense!! all four completely different movies take on a striking variety of different moods, themes, and personalities that just goes to further applaude cut throat collette's tenacity to adapt fluidly into a wide range of characters that are presented to her.

all this to say a big freakin' keanu reeves whoah!! sears, she deserves it as she constantly delivers it!! plus she's australian, and like how did we not know that? literally, her american accent in all her movies is better then ours. and for that wonderful, one and a million chance you're reading this toni, please please please know that, if it hasn't been stated clear enough, the admiration for you is strong. you are truly, out of this world talented, it's insane. we look up to all your determination and hard work that you make look so effortlessly genuine and real to the film you're a part of. hopefully one day you will be a part of ours.

-- love to work with you, xo

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