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let's talk about this maddening plan to overturn roe v. wade. for real, what is wrong with our society?? what is so wrong with men?? what is so wrong with their minds??

before we stir up a riot, we understand that change is gradual and not immediate, and that it's not "all" white men we should be angry with, but this female oppression bull sh!t is so old school. we've moved on. society needs to catch up.

and if someone tells us one more time that overturning roe v. wade is some advocation for pro-life, we might as well just go bad sh!t crazy, because how is it pro-life to take away abortions when there is a mother f-ing formula shortage!! men are absolutely the dumbest creatures to walk the planet.

however, in this rage, we have come across one saving grace, and her name is delilah bon.

this is delilah bon. -----------------------------------> her real name is lauren tate, and she's a powerful punk-fueled, hip-hop inspired rapper and singer. we aren't just going to reiterate everything that her personal bio on her site says, but we'll include the link later on for y'all, if you want to know more. breaking away from the traditional bio-intro, we discovered delilah's motivational music while curating an angry-bish, f*ck the government playlist, after hearing about their plans to overturn roe v. wade. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 thinking about it still makes us fume out our ears. however, that's why we made the playlist. 'cause at least these artists understand how we, women, feel.

delilah's song "i don't listen to you" was the first song we found. the first time we listen to it, we got chills. her lyrics were so brutally honest. and, as females, her lyrics were finally straight-talking the sh!t that we go through. within the same time period, we were going to the ymca gym, and they had just enforced a dress code, stating that you must wear two layers. we are walking in with a bunch of other guys onto the floor, and we are looking around like "you aren't wearing two layers. you aren't wearing two layers. and you aren't wearing two layers". the double standard is so maddening. and the sick thing about it is that guys aren't going to walk in and notice the sign or even feel uncomfortable about only wearing a shirt or - even more offensive - a muscle tee. but, on the other hand, if we were to walk in with only a sports bra, we would feel entirely uncomfortable, knowing that someone would complain and ask us to leave. and it's not just in the gym. women always have to wonder if they are dressing too "inviting", because we live in a disgusting world where disgusting men read way into what we wear, like we are even saying that in the first place. so, yeah, "i don't listen to you" was just the first of many "thank yous" for verbalizing all of our pent up frustration.

after a while of listening to delilah, our favorite song quickly became "chop dicks". first of all, that title is so right on. we once made our dad and grandpa uncomfortable by mentioning how, if guys could just go up and rape women and, now, even take away their ability to have safe abortions, we should just roofie guys and give them a vasectomy. we also mentioned having a petition for a monthly kick-in-the-nuts for guys to make them appreciate why they have it in the first place, and they were not fans of that either. (what?? it's just a humbling exercise??) just noting off to the side briefly, isn't it funny when you talk about any vulnerability with men about their genitalia, they kinda seesaw in their sits. like they are trying to protect their parts?? 🤣🤣 they're so sensitive. anyways, we find it hilarious, but back on track. "chop dicks" is, once again, an upfront, matter-of-fact written rap speaking about misogyny on the daily. it's an anthem, putting men in their place, which ends powerfully by raising the question if men would feel the same way about how women are treated if "that girl was your kid". this song needs to be a required listen to all men out there. it's practically education at this point.

all things considered, the likelihood that men will come to terms with women's superiority is unlikely. and, because of this, it's easy to become very gloom and/or angry with the world. these feelings are validated. they aren't wrong. we, as women, need to be angry. we need to make it aware that we are NOT okay with what is happening. most importantly, we, as women, need to stick together. we need to be united. and we shall not give up. and delilah reminds us of that.

so, when you are feeling like the world is corrupt or ignoring us, give her a listen. it's hard to not feel vindicated when you listen to delilah bon. she makes you feel heard. she formalizes all of your angers into her lyrics, so you don't have to go on a rage rampage of words to try and explain the heart of your aggression. she's direct. she's fierce. she's just delilah. and's she's been getting us through all of this bs, so we wanted to write this sidenote to extend that support and aid to anyone else who is fed up right now.

to lauren tate, we thank you. we thank you for your art, your lyrics, your wisdom, and your strength.

-- the twins, xo

delilah's merch page:

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