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forgive us for our lack of humbleness, but we can't help but brag. just recently, on the 1st of march 2022 to be exact, we had the pleasure to go to yungblud's LIFE ON MARS TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry for our grainy-a$$ photo in the middle. concert lighting. whatcha gonna do?? but there's proof we were there. SEE.)


for those who don't know the phenomenal yungblud (😮), he is dominic harrison: an english singer, songwriter, musician, and fookin' radical angel!! and as soon as you have a listen to his music, you'll be hooked!! promise. there's just something about him!! maybe it's his accent?? oh, his accent is so beautiful. it's definitely gotta be that - at least a little bit 😘. equally so, his lyrics are mega powerful. there blood-pumping, provocative, and rallying. and listening to them makes you feel safe and not alone. haha - may be cheesy, but if that makes you cheesy, we be cheddar!! (actually, can we be havarti. havarti is our fav. that or parmesan. never mind. too much cheese talk ~ this is a sidenote!!)

switching it up to history lesson time, we've been yungblud fans for quite a while. like a while while. ever since we fell in love with his song "king charles", his music has captivated our ears and hearts. and though the uber-sensitive childs that we were feared purchasing his music, because we didn't want our parents to think we were hard-rockin'-emo-edgy-anarchists or something (???? told ya we were sensitive childs), that didn't stop us from constantly previewing his music on itunes. constantly. like c o n s t a n t l y !!!! it sounds really stupid, and dominic, if you are reading this for some reason, we apologize for not purchasing your music. we know that helps you out as an artist and stuff, but rest assure that we do have all the albums now :) obviously, obviously, we have since passed that weird phase in our lives, and we proudly blast yungblud up in our house - even if our parents always walk in when "kill somebody" is playing.

every album has a special place in our hearts and has us freaking bopping like no other (as we'd assume it does for everyone else). specifically, when weird dropped during the pandemic, it really helped us stay sane. we coped through the crazy times with it. we worked out in our garage to it (several times). and we listened to (again several times) while we worked on our script. creatively, mentally, and physically this album was a savior. for this reason, once the tour was announced and tickets went on sale, we just looked at each other and twin-pathically knew there was no way we would miss it for the world...or mars. however, after purchasing the tickets, we both couldn't wrap our brains around the fact that we were actually going to a yungblud show!! for us, it's like if you would go to a drake concert or a ariana grande concert. in other words it was a bfd. a big bfd.

the biggest reason that this was a big bfd was its irrefutable reason. in other words, like us, one cannot love yungblud and not love his shear outspokenness and activism. for one, his music screams against conformity, and he's created an entire fanbase that accepts one loving whoever they want, dressing however they want, and identifying as whatever they want. in addition, he doesn't sit quite when it comes to political issues. he's attended multiple protests, including a student-led rally speaking out against gun violence in 2018 (the march for our lives) and, in 2020, the george floyd protest for black lives matter. it may seem like something so blatant to do and, therefore, not impressive, but it is crazy to think that he is only 24 years old (25 later this year) and he is advocating better than 'em oldies!! for reals!! look at it - he has taking his music and artist platform to create an environment for his fans to be whoever they want to be. not a lot of artist do this or do it in a way as effective as him!! that's just some hashtag slay power!! 🤩🤩

he's ballsy. he's confident. he's charismatic. he's a perfect angel. and he makes beautiful art. as a matter of fact, that brings up something we almost forgot. "fleabag". not the show. his song. and more specifically, his music video. *MWAH*. have we told you about how much we love music videos?? like we stan for good music video. no?? guess that looks like another sidenote in the future. for now, all you need to know is, yes, we love music videos, and, yes, yungblud's music video for "fleabag" is no exception!! it is not overdramatic to say that it is pure perfection (just like him!!). everything about it makes our filmmaking hearts and music-video-lovin' souls swell. these are the music videos that we hope to be able to direct/film one day.

oh, and dominic!! if you are still OMG!! THANK YOU. HAVE YOU BEEN READING ABOUT HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU!! BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! and two: thank you for such an amazing concert. and we hope to make a music video with you in the future. so, when you see two twins from texas coming your way, don't run. 🤣

finally concluding, we want to say one more thing. to dominic and all the members of the black hearts club, we are here for you!! and we send our love!! can't wait for the next epic album!!

xo, the twins

here's the mv (music video) for you to watch. & he did sing this song at the concert!!

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