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it's 2022. let's be frank about the band nickelback.


| yes, we took part in trying to make this photo look as early 2000s as possible. hope you like the green :) |

the reasons to why nickelback has been slandered as the devil incarnate in the music world is complete bonkers to us. seriously. what gives?? here at twinsAF, we support the nickelback cause. what's the nickelback cause, you might ask. well, we're glad you asked.

it all began when outtatheblue (april 22nd, 2022 to be specific), one of us (annie) randomly had one of their songs, "how you remind me", stuck in her head. at first, we thought nothing of it. just some song we didn't know but could apparently sing the words to. but a few months later, this song would become an anthem in annie's mind. she even had it stuck in her head three time in one day!! it just became "how you remind me" CONSTANTLY!! kinda like the gif above. "never made it as a wise man. i couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing...." it was repeat. repeat. repeat. to the point that even when our parents went to target one time, they came back and said "hey, your song was playing in there" - YOUR SONG!! this was when we decided to embrace this random anomaly.

to be fair, it wasn't like we had never heard of this canadian rock band. our dad had bought their song "rockstar" in the early aughts, because he liked the "i'll have the quesadilla" line. so, we grew up listening to it (plus our dad singing along to that one line) and watching the music video, constantly. and hence, we knew who, what, and the gist of nickelback. going back to the "how-you-remind-me"-present in this recall-tale, the next correlation we made with the band (really just the lead vocalist, CHAD KROEGER) was with another artist we love. this obviously being the punk princess herself, ms. avril lavigne. and boy, oh boy, when we learned that mr. chad and ms. avril were once together and married (!!!!), did we flip out. but rightfully so!! aren't they adorbs!! also, the thought of them together just feels fitting and otp-like. though please note, we give no shade to them separating. you do you, beau. their relaysh was just an up-factor in our nickelback fascination.

continuing, this new-found connection to nickelback was on a high-flying up ramp but was soon halted. not for the sake of our lack of interest, of course. the rude halt came when we learned that people hate them. not the cute couple above but the band!! and this hatred isn't like a typical 'if you have fans, you'll have haters' normalcy. people go after them brutally. like.....wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyy???? in effect, we did some research. we know. shocker!! evidently, the reason for this mean-joking-douchebag behavior is due to some of their songs being overplayed to the point of annoyance, or/and people thinking that their songs are basic. here at twinsAF, though, we BOLDLY DISAGREE!! in fact, we have gone about and listened through their discography to say that if those who hate the band haven't looked through and listened to their songs apart from "photograph" or "how you remind me" or whatever other songs were seemingly overplayed, they should just sit down and die on another hill. sorry if that was rude, but your uneducated ignorant complaining is rude, too.

personally, some of our favs that you could catch us belting on our daily walks include: "savin' me", "trying not to love you", "far away", and "lullaby", and "side of a bullet". then again, you may have your own favs if you choose to support the nickelback cause!! honestly, there is no rhyme or reason to hate them. it's equivalent to overplayed songs on the radio - or even tiktok - today (kinda like imagine dragons - what song of their's isn't on the radio 24/7, dear god). sure their annoying, but we aren't savagely going after them like we are nickelback. so, why does nickelback deserve this?? oh, right. they don't.

in the long run, maybe it was fate. maybe it was destined for "how you remind me" to get stuck in annie's brain 24/7. we won't go as far as to say we were meant for this message, like a messiah, but we aren't ashamed to take on this unreasonable hatred against the boys of nickelback. so, if you will, stand with us, and let's remind the world of the rockstars that they are!!

if you are still hesitant, try out this SPOTIFY PLAYLIST for a listen:

ps. we had a dream where there was a CHAD KROEGER DANCE CLASS!! a class where you learned how to dance like him. what that looks like, only the fragments of dreamstate will recall, but we're gonna tm it right now. whatever it would be would be epic, and we would definitely sign up.

psssss. we don't know why, but every time we type out chad k's name, it auto-corrects to all caps. we don't know why, but we decided to just roll with the all-cap CHAD KROEGER 😂😂😂😂

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