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everything everywhere all at once

score: 100 rating: R time: 131 minutes




everything everywhere all at once was the biggest keanu WOAH ever, ever, ever. hearing talk about its greatness from our classmate, david c. jones (shout out david!!), we knew that it was going to be an angelika watch. it only took convincing katie and allowing us to watch the northman at home that we were lucky enough to secure it as our second 'wednesdays at the angelika with the twins' watch!! literally, though, we had no clue what this film was about. for all we knew, it could have turned out to be like boyhood or something?? but everything everywhere all at once was not like that. in fact, it was not like anything at all. everything everywhere all at once was a thunderbolt of creativity and automatic showstopper.

spinning our heads right from the start, as soon as waymond started (spoiler) jumping all over the place in the laundry mat's security cams, we knew this was not going to be like anything we'd ever seen before. to be fair, actually when evelyn and waymond were speaking back and forth in both english and chinese, we knew this film was different. most of the times, hollywood just assimilates culture that is not 'white' into a white culture. we guess, what we are trying to say is that this feature brought an unseen authenticity to the screen that, if this was done like most films you see, you would normally just have the actors speaking in all english. anyways, capturing a darkly ironic storyline about giving point to the pointless in life, everything everywhere all at once lures you in, as you (and evelyn) try to understand what the raccoon versions of people and their normal selves are all about. giving off a vibe that was like inception meets crouching tiger, hidden dragon, there are no words to describe the conceptual and director-al greatness that this film possesses. to no surprise, dan kwan was one of the directors, who directed an episode of the trippy series that is legion, and the russo bros were two on the list of producers. so the awesomeness kinda makes sense now. however, even with these guys backing this film, what we witnessed on screen was still so extraordinarily brilliant and original.

a factor that we, as filmmakers, can't overlook is the script. that was an easy 10. speaking personally, it is a very difficult task to complete a script. a lot of the time it comes down to the restrictions of traditionalism. this movie had none of that. they freakin' had hot dog hands!! hot dog hands!! this script was the definition of unique, and the inventive details gave the screen life. plus, the humor, action, and pace was all cared for and executed with perfection. especially with the length of the film. now, we have no isswas (issues) with any length of movies, but we know some people (like our dad, who, we kid you not, sat up and leaned on his knees during doctor strange in the multiverse of madness) do care about the length. this film is nearly two and a half hours, so this could raise to be an issue, yet nothing in this film was unnecessary. the plot kept going - never stopping for fluff. similarly, the story kept changing, becoming an active assignment for your brain to catch every detail, instead of letting it daze out towards the last half (like you can sometimes do at the end of a big, long fight sequence).

by the same unique token, the costuming and make-up on this film was unbelievably and undeniably golden. there was an endless amount of wardrobe changes, that we think everyone is going to have their own favorite jobu tupaki look. teaming up with, once again applauding, the impressive directing, the costume changes were incorporated within single scenes seamlessly. stephanie hsu (actress who plays jobu tupaki) is fighting on and off screen, and one minute she's in one look and next she's in a completely different one with a completely different face of makeup. one that we love a lot was her shinny orangey eyeshadow. it popped her eyes amazingly and made for incredible close-ups. if this film doesn't win for its costuming, the award was rigged.

lastly, the acting. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 there couldn't have been any better of a cast. and, seriously, to get a knockout like michelle yeoh to lead your film, you have basically solidified your cast right there. she is a phenomenal actress, who we are thrilled to include in our deadlist. and then to have ke huy quan right beside michelle!! it's game over. lovable since goonies, ke huy quan easily stole the show and our hearts with it. and not to toot our on horn but toot, toot!! we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet him at the fan expo convention center way back when. we were lucky then and we are lucky now.

essentially, everything, everywhere, and all at once, this film was perfect and stunning. 100% we claim that this was the coolest movie of the year - of the decade!! maybe it's even the coolest movie ever!! it was such a treat to be able to view this film for the first time at the angelika movie theatre, and we hope that, whether you go see everything everywhere all at once or another movie, you join our venture and make it a point to visit your favorite theatre, too.

-- thanks, angelika xo

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