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fu*k finn wolfhard, and fu*k finn wittrock, because fionn whitehead is the only fionn w. who matters. (no offense to the others, it is just the truth).

so, if you don't know who this beauty of a person and actor is, let us be the first to introduce you: hello reader, this is fionn whitehead. fionn whitehead, this is our reader.

(and, yes, we are talking about this man --->

despite what the toddle-bottom on our home page made you think. he is currently *as of early 2022* 24 years old and will be 25 later this year.)

now, although many of you may not recognize or know who we are speaking of, you may have seen some of his films. building such a stunning dossier, he has been in films such as the children act, which he stars alongside the icon emma thompson, port authority, which is practically a must watch, roads, a personal fav of ours and one of our top fav movies of all time, and don't tell a soul, where he plays the evil older brother really, really well. however, what most know him from is that he was casted as the main character in christopher nolan's dunkirk - yet, you might have not realized it, because he is unfortunately shadowed behind this guy...

YUCK!! now, if we offended you, we're sorry. this is not a personal attack on mr. styles, so you can calm down. just know we are offended on our end, puzzled by why one would cast boyband-and-universal-hottie, harry, in a war movie. and which, hence, spawns our related issues like how this may cause distraction to the plot, message, realism, and quality of acting - just to name a few concerns we have with harry's casting and dunkirk. but what hurts the most (hashtag rascal flatts) is that many focus on the 1d of the matter, rather than seeing the true talent on screen. (this being fionn, if you weren't following). anyway, fionn doesn't have a lot of lines in this movie, in spite of him being the lead (hashtag shy boi), but he still shines bright behind the grit and gloom.

another film that he partakes in, that (in our humble opinion) is beyond better than dunkirk, is the 90 minute trippy-ness that is black mirror: bandersnatch. with complex moral pressures and insanity bubbling over, fionn's acting is put to the test, but he easily aces this one. A+++++++++++

he is also in a movie called voyagers with tye sheridan and lily-rose depp. you may be familiar with this one, since we have been fionn fans for a while and were exceptionally excited when this film hit theaters on our birthday that we proudly promoted our voyage back into the theatre (since pandemic) to see this on our insta. but...

all this to say, that fionn has been in a heck ton of movies, so check out any of them if you haven't already.

not only is his transformation through each film stunning, he is one of the best actors out there. you may say, "wow, such a strong statement for a baby-24-year-old?", and a hot-take it may be, but we firmly believe this.

why? well....

after (annie) finally convincing one of us (katie) to give into historical fascination, we watched dunkirk. and shortly after the whole holiva (harry styles and olivia wilde) relaysshh happened.

HALT IT RIGHT THERE!! before we continue, we understand that this pop-culture drama is a hot topic, and we will not be talking about it. it is only worth mentioning in this story, because olivia uttered something along the lines of that (after shia labeouf was kick out of olivia's project don't worry darling) she wanted harry styles to be in her film, because she saw his incredible acting in dunkirk.

now.....we had just seen this film. a few times, actually, because we wanted to catch things a second time, try to understand our lack of understanding in a few departments, and other film-buff sh!t. but that saying, we had seen dunkirk on a couple many accounts when she made this statement, and we were again like 'why is everyone forgetting the true shining star (hashtag backstreet boys - which is actually an appropriate song for fionn's talents).

therefore, the only thing that made sense to us was to conducted a fionn-vestigation!!

throughout our thorough fionn-vestigation (hehe), we, in the short scheme of things, watched all the movies and TV shows of his that we could watch- aka the ones that were available in the US. and by doing so, we uncovered that, not only does fionn know how to manipulate a character and really sink into its bones to make you turn into downright silly putty, he acquires a special skill that we so unoriginally coined 'face-acting'. it sounds really dumb typing it out, and you are probably questioning how this is different from every other actor or actress. the answer to that is simple. yes, a lot people act with their face. yes, we are all so glad that we don't have to suffer from people blatantly reading off the script. and yes, we are not new to what facial expressions are. fionn just takes this 'face-acting' to the next level. some may see this differently, but fionn, whether he means to or not, acts with his eyes. what we mean by this is that he's not just giving us the facial expression that's associated with an emotion, but he is taking all the emotion of the scene and all the thoughts and feels of his character and pumping it into his eyes. ???? the physics there might be a little off (LOL). we might have not sold you on it with that sentence, but we promise that if you watch him in any of his filmography, you will notice that his eyes are speaking on their own; they wrap up everything that his characters' are thinking but not saying and telepathically telling it to you. it's - AAWWW - it's just fionn.

so, yes, are we a bit obsessed. maybe?? but rightfully so. and that is why we uber-ly encourage everyone to fall in love with this talented young man and watch his films (or at least the ones that interest you). you will be a much more content human being for it.

and fionn, if you happen to read this for some odd 'the-world's-a-small-place' chance, we just want to wish you are best and thank you for making our quarantine brighter. sending big hugs your way. and you gotta give it at least 20 seconds for the endorphins to kick in :)

also ps. we named an unofficial club after you. it's a whole story of its own - that can be another sidenote.

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