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hopscotch credit: pride

we know. breaking down an actor's crying scene seems a little strange to be quoting as "perfect", but just look at george mackay!! ----------------->

we ain't witnessing some eyedrop-single-tear-shiz, this is proper crying. this is perfect!!

pride is already such a flawless film, it really didn't need to convey us of that anymore. but, when the movie cut to baby (?debatable?) george, aka joe, somewhat recovering from a heartbreaking cry, we couldn't help but surpass whatever is beyond loving this film.

for one, his heavy, sad tears make it hard for the audience to not feel the emotions in the scene and the emotions that his character is going through. however, secondly and most importantly, george gave us real tears. real soppy, messy tears. realistic tears. the (hashtag shawny boy mendes) 'there's nothing holding me back' cry moment. and sure, you may argue, this wasn't an intense bawling scene (though it didn't need to be), but let's compare....

for example, what is happening here?? what the heck is happening here?? where is the blotchy face?? where is the snotty nose?? where are the bloodshot eyes?? that doesn't even look like his tear - no that doesn't even look like a tear at all!!

UGH!! unfortunately, this is what we get in a lot of movies, and this is what we call pretty crying. pretty crying makes the act of despair, heartbreak, and grief look nice. it makes the tears run down one's face in an elegant or attractive fashion. is crying nice?? is crying elegant?? NO!! so, why!! why do we, viewers, have to witness hollywood try and make our emotions something that they are not. nobody has a nice cry. facts. and if you do, you're the one. you're the one. like keanu reeves. but for the rest of us, we are left feeling like we are ugly in some way, because we don't cry like melissa benoist in supergirl. fortunately though, we have george mackays out there!! so, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank george mackay and all the george mackays out there for representing!!

all in all, this (hashtag kelly clarkson) cry moment was not just a special something-something, it was superb. it was touching. it was - you know it!! IT WAS PERFECT!! do we need to say anything else!!

once again, we rest our point!! that be a sad boi for realz (to be total gen z of us). 😭

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