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We got time today, We're gonna clap back

now we would never stoop so low as to attack a child via social platform, but we were raised by a masters in communication and some things need to be said. especially when it involves goddess britney.

if you are at all familiar with the goddess herself, britney recently took a small hiatus from instagram only to come back with some things to say about her sons.

if you are like us and OBVIOUSLY don't follow k-fed or either of her sons on the gram, you may be a little out of the loop. so after losing some dignity and searching up the unverified account of britney's ex-husband, we found the so-called 🙄incriminating🙄 video to just be britney putting her sons in check after she tried giving them face cream to sooth their irritated faces and the boys complain about it. we would provide you with the douchey-freshmen, secret cam recorded video footage, but k-fed has seemed to make his account private like the little SOB he is. (however, we will provide you with a link to an article that hashes out the details at the end). for a general gist, it came out that britney hasn't seen her sons in months, and then her youngest son, jayden, had the balls to speak out about his mother's parenting. if that wasn't enough to wanna polietly clock him ('cause, like bro, you're not a parent. keep it in check) he also pulled the final straw and said that he doesn't think that his grandpa, jamie scum spears, should be getting all the hate he is getting!! and to make it better, he added that jamie's was "just trying to be a father" and that his mother doesn't realize how much jamie "cares for her".

like we said above, we aren't going to put the boys on roast. yet, as fans, it's entirely upsetting to see this happen to britney. she's just trying to come out of life from an abusive conservatorship, and she still can't get a break!! for one, what we believe the boys are lacking to realize is that, on several occasions britney was threatened within the conservatorship that if she stepped out of line her kids would be taken away from her. and britney obeyed just for them to turn around and talk trash!! that's a blow too low. secondly, he's a grown ass man and can handle this language, what the hell does k-fed think?? the fact that she put up with your lazy, ugly ass is enough. just be happy with your 15 minutes and stfu!! don't go harassing britney just to mooch some money for a stupid interview. his behaviors are absolutely disgraceful!! thirdly, the only, and we mean ONLY, person who should be telling us if the abuse that britney had to endure through the conservatorship was okay or not is britney, herself!! jayden wasn't in a conservatorship!! sean wasn't in a conservatorship!! k-fed wasn't in a conservatorship!! it was britney. sure, they might have been around it, but never were they held under the same restraints!!

at the end of the day, we can't do anything to stop or intervene what her boys or ex are doing to her right now. and, although we know that britney is stronger than this, we still stand by her and send her the only strongest of support. 'cause for f*cks sake, are we really having this conversation again?!?! we knew it then and we know it now: britney is a good mother. period.

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