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hopscotch credit: captain marvel

we've come to the final climax of the movie. carol danvers and yon-rogg are at a stand off. at this point, we're expecting another 10 minutes of drawn out, over-done fighting, typical in every other superhero, action movie. however, as yon-rogg yells at carol danvers to 'put her emotions aside' and 'prove' to him that she can knock him down in a fight, with one single blast she ends any possible beginning of a battle.

huh? what? did the action really just end that quickly, we're thinking to ourselves, leaning closer to find out what will happen next, as she walks across the open terrain. and then, as if she is answering with the only answer there would be, one that has slipped from every other action film screenwriter's mind, she extends her hand out to yon-rogg and says, "i have nothing to prove to you".

uh, yes!! captain marvel, you legit took the words out of every woman's mouth. throughout this movie, captain marvel was already a fierce boss, not taking any sh** from those around her, but this one line just goes to emphasizes her rightful title as earth's mightiest hero as well as one of the most inspiring female leads. this simple yet impactful response has been long-waited, and is just as powerful as all of her superpowers combined. you can literally feel the ground shake as the feminists applaud.

what also makes this line perfect is that it doesn't feel cliché like all of marvel's other taglines. this one was (obviously, obviously ^^) effectual, but, just like the right suit, it also, fit, her character perfectly. many lines tend to be extremely pompous or filled with overflowing masculinity, looking for a crowd response to agree with how the characters on screen "totally burned" the other opponent, but rarely do these lines every end up holding value outside theaters or bring any significance to the movie as a whole. stepping away from, yet again, another stereotype, captain marvel's line is clearly not caught in this pattern, solely feeling authentic to her character.

concluding, she stands her ground just as firm as any single one of her male peers in the mcu (marvel cinematic universe) franchise but cleans up the problem seamlessly, not causing more harm or destruction just to feed her ego (avengers: age of ultron). needless to say, you just freakin' get chills at this moment. it is so freakin' powerful, taking on all female stereotypes, simply by blasting it away.

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