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let's talk about boybands. many know the major faces for this genre, such as the jo bros, 5sos, big time rush, bts, the vamps, and - most notable - the heartbreakers aka one direction, and you might even have your personal fav out of these like us (katie: 5sos / annie: the vamps). you may be rolling your eyes at us for even addressing our interests in something so assumably 'two-dimensional' or 'pitiful', but, in reality, your view on the ol' b-bands is about to change. because hate it or not, you are about to fall in love with our dearest spotify repeat and constant....

the epic logo you see above is a foursome music party composed of cameron graves *vocals*, jackson leitch *guitar*, liam wallis *drums*, and noah taylor *executive producer* OR aka the darlings in the pic right thurr (hashtag 'em early aughts with chingy) --------------------------------->

okay, to be fair, if you are just now finding out about this incredible band from us, two things, (1) yay us for bein' good lil' promoters and (2) don't feel too bad, because 19&you established themselves in the crazy year of 2020 (so, you are catching them at the perfect time). for us, we staggered across our love affair with 19&you after a weekly skim through itunes, followed by an immediate search on spotify. both of us having different prominent likings with music, just another boyband could've been a hit or miss. BUT THIS WASN'T JUST ANOTHER BOYBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first of all - or maybe second of all to be chronologically accurate in our storytelling - after we excitingly found 19&you on spotify, we instantly started listening to their 7 track self titled ep. um....LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE let's just say, that was the first of many listens to just that day. that week was a whole different sitch. continually, we go back and forth on our favorite song, though we both agreed once that the song "bored" is where it's at. when you listen to it, you'll find your own love, too. yet, isn't that the best?!?! finding a gem of an artist or musical group that makes your entire life feel better!! especially when on top of that all their songs are boppin' bangers?? AH!! it's just major smiles!!

now, at twinsaf we don't assign homework or mandatory watchings of our hopscotch movies, therefore, we equally won't go and force you to listen to these sweethearts (nor do we have that persuasion or power to do so, despite what our stalker skills make us think 😏)

HOWEVER, we POWERFULLY encourage y'all to make your lives the best they can be and take our word that 19&you will do so. cuz who doesn't want to make their life the best?? do you?? thought so. you should go listen to 19&you now, right!!

to 19&you we would like to say that we send our love + we love you insanely so much. your music makes us super duper happy, so thank you!! and please know that in our head/heart, we just have deep adoration for y'all and your music. we can't wait for what's next!! (also, your tunes are beyond gorgeous, just like you ❤️)

link to 19&you official site:

(this photo we've include for the posh-music-listeners. look how edgy and alternative they look. see boybands can be both!!)

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