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hopscotchee: chris evans score: 91 rating: PG-13 time: 131 minutes

well. . . . that was amazing!! knives out is honestly a sucker-punch-of-fun. you, legit, aren't going to sit down to watch it and be disappointed - but how could you even think otherwise when you've got stellar costumes, actors, sets, and plot twists packed into one movie - seriously, grab your bag of colorful m&ms, because this movie is such a treat!!

first off, everything about this movie was quality!! a lot of films can be made in a rush just to make quick box office green, so to sit down and get to enjoy a movie like this, truly, felt like we were getting a hug. the amount of thought that went into this movie can really be seen. also, unlike movies that bring on an all-star cast, this wasn't an attempt to cover up weak writing or poor props. the story was so original and fresh, cleverly tapping into good ol' agatha christie feels and adding the twenty-first-century hype and dramatic stylization of an epic murder mystery movie. simultaneously, the characters spit out witty one-liners and pop culture

references, taking on the political climate of our time. rian johnson did this in such a flawless way that as aspiring screenwriters ourselves, we respect and look up to. needless to say, he didn't skip on anything.

but like, can we take minute and just worship jamie lee curtis' flawless suit!! ah!! - from the movie cover alone, you can tell that the set and costumes are just going to be spectacular, however the actors and actresses were hecka impressive. they geniusly played to their quirky and complexed characters that totally gave off clue-board character vibes. and although their characters were more on the extreme character-type scale, each actor and actress gave little and unique nuances that humanized them, making them more relatable and completely unrecognizable from prior roles. like, chris evans was definitely not captain america, jamie lee curtis was so not the mom from freaky friday, you couldn't even see toni collette from the way way back, daniel craig was certainly not 007, and edelweiss - what?? more like, (spoiler) take the advice, bro. listen to marta!! you wouldn't have died!! it's so annoying when old people are stubborn.

but sears, if you've been waiting for a hands-down-full-on-enjoyment-movie-experience, knives out, has been the movie that you must've passed on itunes by accident, 'cause it is so freakin' good!! what a great way to start off our hopscotch - what a party starter!!

-- thanks, chris xo

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