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this sidenote is long overdue - long overdue!!

as happy as you can imagine a britney super-stan would be to receive britney-galore for christmas, times that by a million, and you will understand what it was like when one of us (annie) got mickey mouse club: the best of britney, justin & christina on dvd from the other (katie).

this 90-ish-minute mmc miracle is a compilation of happiness in a bottle (or, if you are speaking more pragmatically, it's a compilation of the finest mickey mouse club episodes). and just like it says on the bottom tag of the poster over here, yes, this dvd includes special footage of britney's, justin's, and christina's hometown getting-to-know-you-packages!! additionally, it includes music performed by your favorite mouseketeers so good that you are gonna wanna purchase their album on cassette. seriously!! you may think we are over-hyping but nah. you just wait!! you'll be singing to the theme in no time, because there is no way not to love this 90s treasure (even if you are a proud 2000s baby like us)!!


if this isn't enough for you to go put this in your amazon chart, like ?????????? they should really change this to the disney dopamine club, but that unfortunately could hold too many drug innuendos, and, therefore, that name would not be appropriate for a kids show. plus, the mmc has a better ring to it. so, they made the smart choice. however, back on track, this is a instant hit for anyone. although, we should mention that millennials or get z-ers may (*strong may*) enjoy this more, because of the basic factor that our parents wouldn't sit down and watch this, even if we paid them. BUT!! we recommend this to anyone who wants to party. - yo!! this would be a great party watch. you heard it first here, okay :)

transitioning to the part of this sidenote where we speak personally about our tales and adventures with this film (film?? television movie?? segment??), we absolutely love this watch. clearly. you can bet your buck that we get all cozy on our green couch and sing "M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E!" on the top of our lungs. we also love memorizing the mmc theme song when it lists out the cast. currently, we're pretty good with naming the first 6 (dale, jennifer, justin, keri, jc, + britney), but we are still working on it. speaking of the cast, matt is underrated. he's one of our fav (katie's), and brit brit is obviously the other's fav (annie's). and tony is definitely a f-boi. sorry tony if you read this, you seem nice. younger you just had a real f-boi face. technically to quote our mom, "they all were f-bois". but for you specifically tony, you were the f-boi model in our opinion. anyways, cool that you're a singer - though we're questioning your cover of "sexual healing"???? nonetheless we wish you the best!! anyways, here are some tony-the-f-boi photos for reference....

let us guess what is happening right now -->

you: that jc?? jc from n'sync??

us: you betcha!!

that means, we are not just talking about the beginning of the boyband bro-lationship, we are stating that this dvd has it all, including n'sync member jc chasez. according to jc fans, he has the best vocals in n'sync, so aren't you so stoked to hear him rap!! YES!! HE RAPS!! JC FREAKIN' RAPS!! we kid you not. now, unfortunately, we are not provided with the hometown package for jc (boo hoo!!), but we will provide a link to one of his performances. sorry, not the rap one, you will literally have to go a buy the dvd for that gold!! also, he is such a great dancer. jc, if you are also reading this with tony, we got mad respect for you and your moves. you know, if you care that two 18-year-old mmc fans give you their "mad respect" 🤣 (here is that link we were talking about - ps. tony is in it:

the last thing that we will say about this wonderful singing, dancing, & skit-ing piece in history is that, if you are also a huge fan of any of these mouseketeers, it makes everything that they later do in the super dope double 'o's (the 2000s) more touching to the heart.

isn't your heart melting?!?! ugh, maybe the mmc is just making our hearts all mushy-gushy-sweet-&-sappy, but c'mon!! can you judge?? we are talking about some of the first notable moments in baby-beginning-careers of our beloved stars and icon (britney being the single icon queen 👑)!! we are talking the "baby one more time", "genie in a bottle", and "sexyback" stars before they became the "baby one more time", "genie in a bottle", and "sexyback" stars!! we are talking about the beauty of friendships 'as seen on tv' style. and when you look back at moments like above and connect them back to the early days of the mickey mouse club, don't you get a little cheery-beaming feeling??

overall, no matter what, we are beyond elated to have this dvd in our life, and we hope everyone else can experience this joy.

ps. scroll pass photo gallery for links :)

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