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hopscotch credit: a knight's tale

despite us growing up with a history-fascinated dad and us actually doing well in our history classes in school, we are not experts in the medieval times. shocker, right!! though we do get the gist thanks to robert munsch's book the paper bag princess: dragons, castles, princesses, moats, etc. (woah!! that book is so nostalgic!!)

in all seriousness, this was something we had to take into consideration when watching a knight's tale. we do believe that movies should be able to stand and make senes on their own, however we are also sticklers for responsible storytelling. our take on responsible storytelling mainly comes into play when we debate the purpose or messaging behind films/tv, but a filmmaker's responsibility also umbrellas their accountability for factual and historical depiction. fantasy is fantasy. but when films become how we see the world or how we look back on the past....we don't want fantasy. and maybe this is the journalistic background in us, but we heavily believe this to matter. all this to say, for the film a knight's tale, we understood the reasoning for their modern-verbal-and-musical-take for the satire of it all, however the set and costumes seemed to match the time more accurately. (we even checked the ol' google afterwards, before writing this 'perfect', to make sure.)

at the same time in our viewing, our eyes couldn't help but not notice the reds, greens, and yellows that brightened the hair of a handful of the female characters. specifically speaking, jocelyn and kate had the most noticeable hair colors.

now, our brains immediately start thinking, 'did people dye their hair in the medieval times??' and since we, like stated above, are not medieval-experts, we relied once again on the googs (google). and according to some basic research, we found out that people could actually dye their hair earlier than you'd think, yet the fancy colors like reds, greens, and yellows......not so, is this realistic?? no. but is this film suppose to be a historical time piece?? no. this may now make us seem hypocritical to what is and what's not responsible storytelling, but this is very important to note. this is not based on a true story. this is not a true story. this is not a historical non-fiction piece. and, yes, we still had our factual-brains watching this, but the truth is, we both really, really loved this addition to the movie.

in our humble opinion, a knight's tale's hair-flare gave this film spunk and a festive fun-ness to the characters. especially for the dancing scene. it was a wham-bam-jet-packed color scene and is definitely a highlight in the movie. ---------------->

another thing worth mentioning is how kate's green streaks (that compliment her black midnight hair) are totally serving us phem vibes. and if you don't know phem, that's okay. phem's a musician. now you know. and you're welcome. but back to this 'perfect'!! seriously, you try and tell us that phem and kate are not rockin' the same look!!


see it or see it not, but to us it is perfect. and we love the medieval phem hair!!

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