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let us guess, you know noah schnapp as the cute kid from netflix's hit tv show stranger things. well, today we are going to introduce you to him as notorious knock-out noah!!

standing out on our television like a blinding yellow highlighter, noah's talents caught our eyes the first time we saw him.

(you can read all about how and when we decided to watch the world's favorite show (apart from the infamous GOT series) stranger things in our sidenote, BYLER IS REAL, AND THIS WE STRONGLY FEEL!!, because, to save time, we won't be going into those details. but, please, if you do decide to click over to that one, come back because everyone in their right mind needs to know the notorious knock-out that is noah schnapp. 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌

anyhow, continuing, noah's little baby face with his big expressions in the first season of stranger things powerfully pulled us into the world of hawkins. even though he isn't in all of the episodes of the first season, due to him (spoiler?) being in the upside down, his appearances captured our hearts and made us feel more empathetic for the show in a way that we wouldn't have had if he wasn't. we felt for him. we felt for his family. we felt for his friends. we felt for this show even more than we would for others, which made it hit the way it did!! and, yeah, when you watch the show, it's easy to hand the props over to the adult actors, such as the wonderful david harbour and winona ryder, and obviously, they whole-heartedly deserve all the applause for their outstanding acting throughout the series, yet, at the same time, noah deserves some of that attention too. like, if not an emmy, at least the twinsAF deadlist award. that will have to suffice for now.

you see, most of the characters in the show are unique and have their own oddities to them, however will is, arguably, way more complex. if you disagree, please tell us in the coms why you see this differently, but we are going off a film-student-storytelling-based mindset and not just a favoriting-mindset when we make this claim. henceforth, this is not us saying that the other characters aren't two-dimensional or that they are a one-trick pony (hashtag nelly furtado*). what we mean by this is that, as will, noah has to account for a lot more than just "imma small town kid who's getting roped into some sci-fi, d&d shiz i never expected".

he has to go from happy, youthful child to lonely boy better dan humphrey to possessed and psychotic upside down soldier to heartbroken ?possibly? closeted man-child, and the truth is, he does it all with ease. his character has gone through so many dramatic shifts in evolution, and noah manages to maintain them under the same umbrella like it's no big whoop. in other words, he may show us a different side of will, but he is never NOT acting like will, if that makes sense?? we never once forget that he is will. we never think 'noah is trying to act like will is....'. noah is just will. OH!! a better example. it's like those soda machines that have the touch screen. you have those that, when you press coke or something, it gives you the option of just the regular or it can also give you the options of all the soda brand's flavors. noah is like the latter option. he's the better option. he doesn't just show us the basic emotions of will, he shows us the whole palette and doesn't act like an ammeter doing it.

since four season did just come out, we can't help but pull our example from it. but rightfully so, because we couldn't stop shouting "OHMYGOD, NOAH IS SUCH AN AMAZING ACTOR" at our tv during our entire binge. that said, if you haven't seen the season yet, we haven't spoiled anything, but we will, so leave now or scroll to the last paragraph, okay?? 😃😃 and since we are still prefacing things before we go into the dive 😏, we are going to have to apologize for the crap quality of this photo to your right. unfortunately google images don't have all of the fantabulous acting moments from noah in stranger things captured in a clear still, so we had to work around that. sorry. jumping into this example that will include (spoiler)s, we want to point out the way noah portrays absolute fright when (SPOILER) the government starts shooting at jonathan, mike, the 'house arrest' officers, and will at the byers' house. everyone else is in 'go-go-go mode', while noah is serving accurate realism. and this is the bae who has survived in the upside down longer than any one of the other characters. it's cliché to say that his portrayal in this scene is "unlike anything we've seen before", so good thing we are typing it, huh?!?! 😆😆 in all seriousness, it truly was unlike anything we've seen before. if you held up this rough, blurry still and asked us if we had seen any actor make this type of face before, we would confidently say no, and we would ask you if this was actual an actor or are you just punking us?? it looks that genuine and real, it's unbelievable!!

to sum up, the simple fact of the matter is that will byers wouldn't be the same without noah. periodt. it's specifically in the specificity of notorious knock-out noah's acting that makes his performance so incredibly astonishing to watch, but the way he ties in universality within his acting-nuances that makes his portrayal so gosh darn emotive and close-to-the-heart. no one else could do what he does, but he has a way to mimic human characteristics and the human experience that makes him so relatable. it's mind blowing, and it's true talent!!

noah has now been in all four seasons of stranger things, and, if we get our way, he will be in the 5th, hoping the duffer bros don't stupidly kill off one of their best actors. we look forward to seeing notorious knock-out noah's amazing performance continue in volume two of season four of stranger things, and, equally, we can't wait to see what he does next.

-- would love to work with you, xo the twins

*man, what a flashback!! "one-trick pony" by nelly furtado used to be our baby-selves' jam!! we would have our mom play that shiz on repeat (technically just the first 50 seconds on repeat, because the beginning was our favorite part)!! we actually went back to listen to it, too, and that should be his song. he sure as sheesh doesn't half a$$ anything!!

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