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hopscotchee: logan lerman score: 40 rating: R time: 97 minutes

it is practically a universal fact for advent movie-connoisseurs that finding and watching a 'not very well known rom com' for the sake of 'seeing what's out there' or 'trying something new' is nearly always going to be a hit or miss. in this case, for us and for you, stuck in love falls into this situation. being victim to the aloha effect, this movie's cast line up presented hopeful possibilities for a inspiring and moving secret find (that and we are just really big fans of nat wolff - hashtag the naked brothers band). however, with several overly convenient and unrealistically set up scenarios, this movie quickly felt more hallmark-inspired than anything of impact.

disclaimer time: we always keep an open mind to all types of film and always talk things through and let things settle with us before we make judgment or decisions on what we watch and before we score. we also understand that filmmakers have the freedom to try new things and pave new ways for film. so, we would never want anyone to think that we just quickly score any of the hopscotch movies with no thought or consideration or only love what's conventional ('cause a matter of fact, we don't. we absolutely love people with imaginations).

all this to be said that, whether the people behind stuck in love were trying to (hashtag goddess britney) do somethin' new here or not, sadly, this movie lacked the piazazzle (piazza + dazzle) to make it 'stick' with you - and we did give it much thought. resulting from this thought was the decision that this was hugely due to the editing and the script. rather than being fluid and evolving, the editing erratically cut from one scene to the next, disassociating the audience to the story. paired with the script, which was rudely pragmatic, scenes where left on odd dialogue endings, not feeling complete at all.

another issue with this movie was that the shots felt significantly basic and flat to the story. they lacked the creativity or, again, 'piazazzle' to build intimacy with the audience, which takes away from the viewing experience, allowing the very distinct distinction that you are watching a movie (and you want to be in most movies, figuratively).

on the other hand, one could argue that the most alerting part of this movie was kaki man (our nickname for greg kinnear after watching little miss sunshine)'s offbeat parenting advice to his son, rusty - also, sidenote, who name's their kid rusty?? but back to this, truthfully, what was he trying to teach rusty with his (spoiler) not so nonchalant judgement for his son's writing career and his 'uncourageous and under experienced life' (aka the fact that his son didn't go out a get drunk and have sex). well, it seemed to be exactly that, as then the movie unravels into rusty's rebellion spree that. . . .we guess his dad backs up, right?! then fast forwarding a bit, with his daughter, kaki man has the audacity to be disapproving to her for serving alcohol to a minor. like yes that's rightfully a smh but not a smh from kaki man.

however, we would like to give a quick shout out to that misguided teen who, although deceptively lead us into watching this interesting film, gave us actually (but not surprising) one of the best things in the movie!! this magical gem happens unfortunately (spoiler) after the family picks up rusty's drug-addicted girlfriend, kate, from a rando who had just gave her drugs and took advantage of her. once unconscious kate is brought back to the car, wrapped in a blanket, rusty holds her, looks under the blanket, and. . . .(our gem moment) begins to cry. now yes, this moment in the film may seem cruel to point out as 'one of the best', however we are solely spotlighting the talents of young nat wolff. clap, clap, clap. likewise, logan lerman also gives us a great cry scene that's just short from gutting. he even forgets the pretty-crying and gets all red in the face, which is so refreshing and much appreciated. so, thanks for being a blotchy babe.

to close this chapter, stuck in love has a few things that could work against its overall viewing, yet, following three different stories, this movie allots several different lessons that could be learned from it. in the end, it is still never a waste to give movies you've heard nothing about a try, even if they aren't what you expected them to be afterwards.

also, one more sidetone, the opening line: it hurt watching her hurt!! literally the most emo thing we've heard in a film - aside from 'if this is about my soul, take it! i don't want it without you!!' from the lovely movie, a part of the twilight saga, new moon. but no shade there.

-- thanks, logan xo

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