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what is there to say about this fan-flippin'-tastic film that hasn't already been said?????????????????????????

because the truth is, despite what we like to think about ourselves, there is not much that acclaim from SXSW can top. 'cause that's a huge bfd.

that said, we strictly believe in 'the more the merrier' phrase (ya know, just a twin thing), and we are going to now give our praise anyway, fully aware that what we say doesn't even come second to the bfd that winning at the SXSW film festival holds. like, sears clothing, that is a well deserved WOW!! but still, the more the merrier :)

unleashing the praise, the fallout immediately caught our eye when it made it's advertising appearance across our computer screen as a youtube ad. the idea of a story capturing the horrific threat and aftermath of a school shooting is a heavy topic, yet we both knew right away that we wanted to watch it, because of the trailer's preview to the film's cinematography, acting, and plot-approach. and so, as the trailer came to an end and told us that the movie was able to stream the next day, that is exactly what we did.

now, we don't want to seem mean or overdramatic about this, so (in the most respectful tone) move over meryl streep and leo dicaprio and make way for jenna ortega. absolutely. flawless. flawless. flawless. flawless. there are no words to describe her power of genuine vulnerability and authenticity. you don't know how many times - seriously, the countless number of times - we will be watching something, and we will just turn to each other with that look, knowing that there is still a thin layer of 'acting' that is blocking us from seeing the characters and story as we're meant to. and its infuriating!! especially because we know that this not only messes with one's relationship with what they're watching, but it also changes the way the people and emotions are depicted. now, no shade to the elaborate and abstract-y type shows, it is only worth knowing that what is being represented on the screen is fully influencing and having an effect on viewers. for example, euphoria may be stylistically pleasing to watch, but when you notice the bougie-ness in the wardrobe or the excess of irresponsible actions without consequences and look at how that is suppose to be portraying a generation ?????? it can be a bit questionable. all this to be said, we are not restricting shows from expressing themselves in their own way and in whatever way you look at it, this knowledge just allows shows like the fallout and actors/actresses like jenna ortega to radiate through your tv screen. proper applause should be given - along with an overflowing amount of roses. and a tiara. and a red carpet. and confetti. yes!! lots of glitter confetti!!

additionally, like we said above, the cinny (cinematography), shot comp, and lighting all beautifully worked together. we specifically loved how the contrast from scenes, such as the dark + lifeless 'bath-time' scenes and the hyped + vivid 'dancing in the parking lot' scene, pulled you into the ups and downs of coping with and recovering from trauma. matching this with the director's lead and the dp's (director of photography's) skill, the film is told through an exemplary lens.

most importantly, this is not a movie, this is a message. speaking as two past high schoolers who were afraid to go to school everyday, wondering if your school was going to be the next one on the news, and always mapping out routes and paths to leave in case of an emergency, we know firsthand what it is like to live in this messed up reality. our society should not just be accepting this as something that just happens. and that's what we appreciate about megan park's work. she is not telling this story to glorify anything. she makes that clear with the soul-sucking-but-beautiful ending. she uses her media and entertainment platform to provide awareness to this issue. and in this same light, yes, her movie is very serious, but she still brings in light-hearted and lovable moments. yet these never distract us from her powerful storytelling.

so, to conclude this sidenote, the fans in us wants to scream "ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh if you haven't seen the fallout what are you doing?! seriously, what are you doing?? go. go watch it right now!!", but we are not naive to the fact that this movie may sit heavy with some. it's one that will stick with you. it's one you will remember. so, instead, we will let you come to it on your own terms - whenever you are ready. however, don't let this be an excuse to ignore this film. it's rightfully #3 on one of our (annie's) fav movies EVER list.

and the fact is, if there was only one thing we could say about the fallout, it is that this film is a commendable, inspiring, and alerting work of sheer perfection.

thanks, megan xo

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