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what else is there to say apart from this book being absolutely perfect?? literally!! this book is the perfect book you need right now. seriously. go buy it right now!! the amazon link is hyperlinked to the book cover over there -----------------------> thank us later.

so, you're probably wondering how we came across this particular book that has consumed our emotional lives. well, to answer your burning question, we purchased cale dietrich's novel, the friend scheme, as sorta an impulsive pick-me-up grab during our season four byler-wasn't-confirmed-yet depression. our parents dropped us off at the ol' b&n (barnes and noble), we looked at the vinyls, we studied the graphic novel section ("no heartstopper vol. 3....shit!"), and then we strolled the nearby young adult bookshelves. eyeing this cover quickly, presumptuously assuming this to be the kinda story we thought it was, we read the back.

funny story. we know we stopped you in the middle of this encapsulating re-telling, but it's time for your favorite. storytime!!


from the time that we were young, young babes, we have always been storytellers. not necessarily in the way that you'd like, though. this for whatever reason doesn't make us great when trying to catch someone up on a crazy weekend (we tend to go over too many details or fumble through our word choice), but we are good - great even - at coming up with awesome ideas and complex conflicts. hence why we want to be filmmakers, duh?!?!

storytime ended

now that we can resume, when we read the back of the book, guess what the plot so happened to be about?? it was a family feuding, forbidden love, secret spy themed romance that just so happened to be like a little story we created after looking through our mom's darling magazine. needless to say, this was an instant purchase (like it should be for you. seriously go at least put it in your amazon cart!!)

now, we can't analyze and review this novel, besides praising it, because we would hate to spoil this juicy, twisty read. sooooooo, what can we tell you:

  • none of the characters are annoying. YAY!!

  • the book has zero lulls or aggravating 'just-get-to-it' moments

  • you are hooked from the start and never want the book to end afterwards

  • it's chucked full of sweet, heart-eye scenes

  • the meet-cute is one for the century

  • the ship is strong

  • the tension but un-refutable romance is just as tender as it's intoxicating

  • you must be introduced to the so-jason moments in your life

  • it truly is a good read

  • chapter thirteen is epic

  • matt and jason are unlike any main characters you've read about before, and you can help but WANT them in your life.

  • the high-stakes never dull and are always a page turner

  • this is a book that you will want to re-read forever

for real, we really could go on and on, but we don't want to spoil your next devouring read. cale dietrich's the friend scheme has definitely been one of the best books we've read, and we hope that it gets more than enough recognition for that.

here at twinsAF we plead you to indulge yourself - to treat yourself - and read this exceptional, captivating novel. you seriously won't be disappointed. they just might be your next fav literature couple. and who knows, they could your next favorite movie couple, too?? because this story should be adapted instantly. and if someone else doesn't hop on this genius idea, we might as well make this shiz happen. so read up. we're given you a heads up, so you can be on this before it's commercial success.

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