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the power of the dog?? more like the power of the darn outstanding geniusness that jane campion (director + writer) slayed in cunningly crafting this book-to-screen-adaptation (credit to the og author thomas savage).

flexing with the most oscar nominations, this western drama, starring sherlock himself, could easily sweep house. and, yes, you heard us right - a western drama?? eeeewwww!!!!!! we know!!!!!!

but being different is exactly what we want to focus on today. well, actually, the pacing. but you'll have to read further to find out why ;)

'cause we only f with honesty here at twinsaf, we'll start this sidenote with the truth. we made the move to spend 125 minutes captivated in front of the tv for this film based after one glimpse of the trailer and seeing our buddy kodi smit-mcphee. (yep, the casting agents really got us on this one). we've been fans of kodi for a long time. one could say it was fan at first sight. to be fair, it was really his role as nightcrawler in the x-men franchise that one-directioned it and stole [our] heart, but we like to believe that we subconsciously were sending him love, support, and all things fans do before then. like, definitely in his f-boi rapper x break dancer times*. however (gosh we really got off track there, sorry), kodi was the obvious answer for us to happily entertain our eyes, yet our filmmaker takeaways afterward were just as enticing. and though there was no way we would have know about these takeaways before watching, we know now. and thus, we will give you this happy advantage. your welcome.

(hope enjoy our kodi photo spam aka the photo representation of our brains on kodi mode. also, in the green-suit-baby-kodi-pic he IS wearing pink sneaks or formally known as pink 'sneakers')

it's unlike us to say this, so brace yourself. the actual pacing of this show is quite book-like and slow, and, yet, it is perfect mastery!! normally you could catch us on any given day talking about how movies have evolved from the 'olden days' and people's patience have so too, so, therefore, if movies today have anything but a fast pace, the movie is asking for a lot. when we began the power of the dog, we thought this same thing. 'okay. the pace is slow. this is a slow-grower. what's the point?? does this hold interest?? and yadayadayadayada.' but, as our younger-selves would say, 'slap a book of knowledge across your face and call [us] silly' (don't ask why we said this, we just did), because we be corrected!! to our surprise and astonishment, the, no pun intended, true power of this flick was its pacing. utilizing its storytelling-like parts/chapters to divide up the movie and its drawn-out-detail-capturing-focus in on all of the characters' emotions and interactions, you are pulled into the lives in thomas savage and jane campion's world.

especially with this film being one you truly have to watch all the way through to the last minutes of its conclusion, leaving all questions for the end, the choice made to turn this script into a two hour tale was beautiful done. henceforth, we state that from this point on we commend and do not automatically throw shade to slow-growers - IF THEY ARE PURPOSEFUL TO THE PLOT'S POINT.

additionally, purpose is not all that the pace serves us, but being different is what really spotlights this movie (specifically with the western-piece of it all, too). in cinema, we support those who have the balls to not just do the 'industry standard' or what is 'eye candy' or 'popular' at the time. show your feathers. dance to your own music. do you, beau!! and all these things apply to this drama, deserving itself full claps!!

in the end, we wanted to sidenote about the power of the dog to, not only encourage people to go and watch the movie but to, award jane campion and all the editors on this project for bringing back and showing the world what a proper gradually going film should be - no matter what happens at the oscars (however, our fingers are crossed for y'all - especially for you, kodi 😘)

****OKAY thanks for reading the review, but....if you were curious about f-boi rapper x break dancer young kodi, get ready!!****

first of all, we are not pervs!! we were looking for some nice images of kodi for the very nice gallery at the top when this image happened to pull up. you try an' tell us that's not the definition of f-boi.


and, just assuming that what we are going to show you next was around the same era in kodi's life, his f-boi lifestyle was perfectly matched with two new talents that we learned thanks to obviously, obviously supporting people's new fascination to learn about this little aussie (yes, he also be from australia), it happened to dig up kodi's youtube/soundcloud past. we happily lend you our platform to also soak up this great information!!

and even if kodi, like all of us reflecting on our middle school/youthful memories, has some cringe attached to them, we just want to assure that we see this as talent and creativity and - more power to ya dawg!!

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