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fleshlight. fleshlight?? FLESHLIGHT!!

a lot of you may be thinking "wtf" (said like ross lynch in "omg plz don't come around"). that's fair. fleshlight sounds pretty gnarly, but here at twinsAF, we are going to dive into this curiosity together.

the second thought you might be having with this sidenote is "hey, i know those boys!!" (or at least one of them). if you know neither, that's not good. the one in the brown suit with the slanted tie (aka the one on the left) is our hopscotchee, george mackay. and the emo boy in all black (aka the one on the right) is earl cave.


gosh. we know. we know. we're getting there. just enjoy our suspense a bit. 😉

this is a sidenote that we've been wanting to do for a while (which seems like something we're saying a lot). we, ourselves, have been curious about these two and fleshlight for a while. so, after a little digging, we found that the best way to begin this sidenote is to start with the true history of the kelly gang.

don't worry. this is not a gang that they are in. LOL - can you imagine george and earl in a gang. actually that is not funny. if they were in a gang, it would be like some weird blood-brother shiz, which is debatably a bit scarier....OOP!! "twins!! you're going off on gangs again!!" our bad. the true history of the kelly gang is a film that they both star in.

now, the movie itself doesn't have any significance with what fleshlight is, but we did included the poster in the odd case that it interests you. apparently it is a western/crime, and it is currently on amazon prime. however, it was here, on the set of the true history of the kelly gang, that our buddies from above met. oh yes, the bonding and bro-ship between george mackay and earl cave would form, and they begin to pal around. we're really making it sound like they had this unspeakable special-kind of kinship, but they do portray brothers in this film, so they did need to form a bro-ship.

ssssoooo, you know that george and earl are friends (not gang buddies), and you know they have something to do with whatever fleshlight is....we all on track 👍

well, while on the set of this film, the director also believed that a special kinship be formed between these two, and he assigned them a task to perform a song as a bonding exercise.

they are actors and all, but if someone asked us to form a band (individually!! because, if they asked us to form one together, the both of us would semi-kill-it more-so than we would alone), our cortisol levels would spike!! jjjjeeeezzzzz!! we can feel our cortisol levels rise just by thinking about them being assigned this exercise!! anyhow, they probably could've hidden from the accountability of follow-through, but the director booked them a gig. so, not only did they have to sing, they had to sing in front of strangers, they had to come up with their band name (hence: fleshlight), and they had to come up with a song set. yep!! cortisol is up!! luckily for them, the two actors loved this exercise, and their gig went well!! yyyyaaaayyyy👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

though, it probably helps when your father is a musician. *cough, cough* earl!! ------------------>

we are giving him a hard time, but we are also low-key freaking out, because we totally remember this album cover from our childhood!! that's earl's papa!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

to be honest, we haven't listened to any of nick cave's music, but our minds are still blown from the connection alone. like, they do look so familiar (duh), but then you wonder how long time would have passed before we made this connection?!?!

okay, so, woah!! 🎼learning new things🎼

following their successful gig, this bonding activity really gave a boost of confidence to george and earl, returning to the set with a, quote mackay, "'f*ck you' attitude". and surprisingly enough, their brother bond wouldn't stop there. after a few of their songs ended up in the film, their bond became closer and things became more official. after that, the rest is history. and thus fleshlight was born!!

in addition, louis hewison and sean keenan, who are also co-stars to cave and mackay in the true history of the kelly gang, are in the band. and according to earl in 2020, fleshlight is still "in the works", but they've already "recorded an entire album in a studio." we haven't been able to find them yet on spotify, sadly, but here at twinsAF we do not disappoint - or we try our best not to - and we have scrounged up a couple videos to share!!

so!! what was the point of this sidenote: to introduce you to two boys, who we love very much, and their punk band (a genre that we also love very much) or, in simple words, we introduced you to fleshlight!!

we can't wait to see what the boys have coming our way!! xo, the twins :)

also, here were the videos we were talking about.

the video we wanted to show you couldn't be embedded for whatever reason. maybe because it's a twitter video?? anyway, we still want to include the link. it's quick but worth watching. link is below!!

this video is just the song's audio, but, again it is still enjoyable :)

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