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yep. you are reading the title correctly. we have a clusterfuh of topics to annakate (our version of annotate). so buckle up, because you are in for a real sidenote treat!!

to divulged into the first part of this sidenote we have an introduction to make. for all unaware of who bailee madison is, get ready to fall in love. she is a phenomenal actress known for roles as maxine russo (the favored max) in wizards of wavily place, lily/becky/jenny in r.l stine's the haunting hour (which we did start but our middle school selves were too scared to go past the first episode), young snow white in abc's underrated once upon a time, sophia quinn aka evil sophia in the fosters, and grace russell in good witch. from child star to an incredible young adult today, she's clearly unstoppable. you may also know her in the new pretty little liars: original sin on hbo max. in fact that was when she re-appeared in our life.

now although we said that our middle school selves wouldn't watch r.l stine's the haunting hour because it was "too scary", go figure, at the same time, we persistently sat down to watch freeform's 2010-2017 series pretty little liars. and even when we would get scared and our mom would temporarily "take it away", we would pled and pled until she let us continue. however, when hbo dropped pretty little liars: original sin, we didn't jump to stream it. our reasoning was somewhat of reboot-shaboot nonsense and a dash of "it could be scarier". eventually (and not long after) we broke down and gave it a shot. it was definitely scarier than the original show, and A was definitely creepier, and the title slide alone gives you the chills, but, just like before, we were frightened and fixated, and we had to binge it all!! (mainly because we freaked ourselves out, told our mom who told us that we were going to be living alone in vancouver soon and not to watch things we'd regret, and decided continuing would be the only way to un-scare ourselves and figure out the mystery). anyway, the entire cast is amaze and perfect for each character, but bailee madison just slays. so much so that each episode couldn't pass without at least one of us mentioning her outstanding acting at least once. and most recently for us she was evil sophia!! we were in the midst of a fosters re-watch, and we could not believe what we were seeing. imogen was so far from evil sophia!! obviously, obviously as film buffs, this is palpable to understand, because she has evolved as an actress since 2014 and the characters are two different people *duh*, but the couch-potato-viewers in us were blown away. needless to say, we are certainly gush-crushing on bailee. like even though our film-scholar selves thought the ending was a little meh, we can't wait for season two to see her character development and acting!!

/FLASH/FWRD/ a month or so, we are doing some work for our mom's boss business, simple shui. we mainly help with her publicity and instagram, and that's what we were doing in this scene. specifically, we were helping her with a reel collab with a celebrity stylist and thus were insta-stalking the celebrity stylist's account. it was in this stalk-about that we realized (and briefly *but sophisticatedly because we were at 'work'* lost our shiz) that bailee madison was a client of said stylist. post work duties, we switched over to her gram and got lost in her beauty, scrolling through her page. then we noticed this picture....

this may just seem like another insta-worthy photo to post to you, but our brains immediately went "is that who we think he is??". to be fair, it was (switching to third person) annie who thought this and katie who confirmed pre-tag-check that it was who we thought it was. that being blake from new hope club, of course. out of third person.

now -


you may recall this boy from our previous sidenote 15 ARTISTS YOU SHOULD ADD TO YOUR PLAYLISTS RN!!!!, because he's in the all-boy-trio band (essentially boy band) new hope club along with reece and george. we've been fans of theirs for a while, but they've been on heavy rotation lately with their new releases "girl who does both", "getting better", "whatever", and "call me a quitter". we also give their popbuzz tower of truth a nice amount of views, whether that's during our brain breaks or brunchfest. so with this added relevancy of the new hope club and its member blake is gonna make what's about to come next almost seem like crazy fate!!


now you can really understand why we flipped our sh!t when we scrolled the carousel and saw these....

the last photo was us just zoom-screenshoting the middle picture but the takeaway of all of this was the same.



They are together???!!!



Katie gets up and walks over to Annie's Mac to look. Annie scrolls to the end of the carousel.



They seem like they'd be a really cute couple.


with some extra insta-stalking we gathered the consensus that katie was right.

*we apologize if this photo dump comes across even the slightest bit creepy*

and like any normal person, we were happily shook the rest of the day.

so what was the point of this sidenote??

- bailee madison is gorgeous and super talented

- go watch pretty little liars: original sin (beware of scare)

- go listen to the new hope club's music

- ship bailee and blake

- go watch their music video "worse"

- have a nice day


if by the odd chance that either bailee or blake come across this sidenote of ours, we would like to say that we wish both of you well and send only our love and support for your futures and careers. maybe one day our paths will cross and we can have you in one of our films.

and sorry if this came across stalker-y or creepy. we are not trying to 'exploit' or stick our nose into your business. that's just our aries showing 😆

all our love,

the twins


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