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hey you!! yeah, (cue instant stalker voice) i'm talking' to you, ssssssssassy girl!! need a little AEHK in your step?? try this on for size. it's 😆POP😆!! might have no clue what we are talking about, but, just so you know, we spelled 'AEHK' with phonetical perfection!!

now, to let you have a clue, we are talking about "pop" by ⭐️nsync, as you can see from the picture.(and we included the star emoji, because they have a star by their name on the marquee. see --> over there ---> do you see it?? ------------>

whether you like ⭐️nsync (even boybands in general), or you are chronically opposed to them and treat them like the plague, we are not trying to change your opinion on that. today, we are, like stated above, talking about 😆POP😆. one specific boyband song. one specific ⭐️nsync song. but, more specifically, it's music video!! did we happen to stumble upon this music video, because we thought it was great 'homework' for us before we watch the batch 3 movie, longshot - YOU KNOW IT!! were we adding boyband songs to our current playlist, and this song also happened to be added - YOU KNOW IT!! did we mysteriously happen to love this song and may have been caught jamming out to it several times - YOU KNOW IT!! are we ashamed?? 😆NO😆!! but are we getting off track, again - YOU KNOW IT!! cuz it's not time for a long 'a' backstory, it's time to get the twins' take on this mofo!! jeez, that sounds hecka egotistical, sorry. what we mean is: it's time for us to analyze this mofo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let's go....

breaking down the pop (⭐️nsync) mv

numba one on our list to crack our knuckles to is the dancing. like woah (hashtag aly and aj)!! undeniably, this is not just a "sway here" and "sway over there" routine. them boys are flyin', gyratin', and hip-hoppin'!! also, there is no question around this, jc is the best dancer. hands down (hashtag dashboard confessional). like, isn't that why they have him up at the front here ----->

and how can the others compete?? jc has had the dancing-spirit in him since he was a toddle-bottom auditioning for the mickey mouse club!! (read that sidenote: click here).

and, if for some wacky reason you don't believe us (??), look no further than his audition video. what?!?! we've also provided you with it..............

you'll see by watching it that he really knew how to let go and boogie-to-the-beat as a youngster. henceforth, as he got older, he maintained that confidence on the dance floor that the other ⭐️nsync boys are missing. it's not to say that they are stiff-dancers, jc is just the best.

also, like what's with the joey's hands in the face thing?? anyone else think it is a little comical?? joey is totally going for it, so props to him, however the editor's cut makes it a your face....forgive us, that pun was too perfect 🤣!!

anyways, going back to the dancing as a whole and not speaking specially about one of the boys, can we talk about the thrusting-hip-wiggle-plank move?? it looks as strange as it sounds. like, we are not quite sure if this move was supposed to be 'boyband sexy' or dynamic to the routine. and is it a ???B???O???D????Y????R???O????L????E??? honestly, we are still confused. lance gives us a great body roll, as you can slightly see at the end of this great jc gif. the music video does lance's bod roll more justice, obviously (obviously), but this is what we could find. still, we have included the strange plank-looking-thrust-move below. if you have any clue on what this is supposed to be, please share in the comments. in all, jc looks to be doing this weird move the best - best dancer - just sayin'!!

next thing on the breakdown list is - ugh - justin. justin general (hehe), our feelings for timberlake are mixed. as britney fans, we can't throw our love and support at him entirely, but we also grew up listening to his music (like we did brit's) and can't help that it's great tune-age to pump iron to. that said, when it comes to justin and ⭐️nsync, that's a whole different story!! why, you may ask, well....if you watch this music video or any of their others (like "girlfriend" or "gone"), you will see that it's the justin show!! BOOOOOOOOO

that show is boo!! and why was it necessary?? was it because he was the....*gulp* us......the cute one?? when we ask people, who are more familiar with the time and their stardom, they tell us "he was the cute one with curly hair." HOW IS PERMY HAIR JUSTIN CUTE??!!??!! and why did people think justin was the cute one?? that's just barf bag!! if you want someone with longer hair, go with celebrity-era jc. he's got long hair, and he's cute!! or how about lance?? he was the cutie-mofo fo sho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

putting these two points together, we come to our last major analysis!!

"yo, i'm tired of singing"

"yo, i'm tired of singing" says justin right before the song's riff. (1) of course justin gets the talking bit in the song. (2) he's "tired of singing", really?? he literally gets the extra beat boxing moment at the end. like this...

but for real, as much as you may love em boy bands, including the lot of them, why the helck did one direction (may they get back together in peace) say they didn't want to be the dancing boy band. like, for real!! dance bands are no shade. in fact, they are the illest. any dancer who's legit dancing, you're gonna be like "woah!!" to not "ew"!! so, you see 1D's choice of no-dance-routines may have made the band, in retrospect, stand out more, but do they seem cool, in retrospect?? nah. nah. nah. now sure, one could say that wasn't the vibe (hashtag zayn) that they were going for, but, at the same time, you can not say that the music video for "what makes you beautiful" - or any 1D music video for that matter - is cooler than ⭐️nsync's music video for "pop". the dancing simply takes it to another level. and one could argue that the beat boxing bit, as random as it is, does the same.

other notes we made in our analysis of pop include the following:

- justin looks like a serial killin' creeper on the tv at the begining.

- jc is the best dancer, but why is he wearing the no panty purple pants (aka the lace-up leather ones).

- wow!! steamy, sexy tunnel that jc sings his verses in....intresting choice of set.

- the maniquen challenge exsisted back then too!!

- chris puts some elbow into his dj-ing. we like the effort although there was no effort on his end for

being a copy cat with joey's red tips!!

- the set is quite epic!! props to the set design!!

- outfit changes make the music video nice. (jc has the best clothes in this mv)

- of corse justin would have the rip open your jacket to show your 'necklace' moment

- poor joey isn't in this mv a lot. (*future note: found out he was hurt - makes sense*)

- overall, the music video is still QUALITY and holds up today!!

but yeah, jjjjjjccccc was the heat. best vocals. best dance moves. best hair. best everything. btw we're NOT jc fans - obviously. obviously ;)

please watch the music video now. we want to get it's views up!!

(all opinions of the ⭐️nsync members are hereby accurate, according to the data backed up by twinsAF research, however, your personal opinion of them is not to be judged or deemed insignificant)

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