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meet jenna ortega. or, as we now call her, jab-stabbin' jenna. we would have loved to be the first to introduce her to you through our honorary deadlist alumni, but you probably already know this beauty as she is being widely known as the new it-girl for horror films. bringing her powerhouse talents to projects such as the babysitter: killer queen, the 2022 revival continuation of scream, and the texas-set-scare, x, jenna is properly flexing in the spotlight.

being film connoisseurs and movie stans ourselves, we are highly analytical with every detail put into a show, especially when it comes to the acting. this may sound like the nice way to say that we are judgmental, BUT, before you get your panties in a bunch, we do fully note that we are not saying that we could do it better or that one's acting is trash. the acting that we, for a lack of a better word, judge just may not be what the story or scene needs. that said, when our eyes lock onto an actor that is giving 100% to the character and narrative, we fall in love. you see, growing up with the traditional idea that those older than us are wiser may have its purposes, however, when it comes to the screen's a whole different game. and, specifically speaking about the mad-skills possessed by jenna, we were absolutely blown backwards when we saw her performance in the fallout.

"absolutely. flawless. flawless. flawless. flawless. there are no words to describe [Jenna Ortega's] power of genuine vulnerability and authenticity." - the twins, THE FALLOUT sidenote 

(yes, we are quoting ourselves. deal with it. we are credible.)

for realzzz, it was not a mistake that in our sidenote for the fallout we directed the notice for meryl streep and leo dicaprio to "move over" and "make way for jenna ortega". there is just an undeniable strike of talent in her that screams ⭐️🚨⭐️STAR ALERT⭐️🚨⭐️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and when you watch her, you just think to yourself, "wow!! just wow!!", because she's one of the few rare actors, who's ballsy enough to let herself be genuine, raw, emotional, and not give a sh!t about what's going on around her. a lot of people mistake what we are saying as someone being an utter 'ugly' mess, but that's the exact opposite. (we touched upon this in our sidenote for the fallout but to go into more details....) in most movies, you can obviously tell that those on screen are still just not there. there's still a bit of a barrier that stops you from believing the characters or actions. a lot of times this can be connected to actors not wanting to "look bad" on camera when emotional. emotions are messy. everyone knows that. so, when we see the (goddess-britney, help us) pretty crying - yuck!! - we know that's false. you try to capture anything 'raw' in a 'pretty light' - we know that's false. sure, we can accept this false reality, but it creates a distance between us and the story. but with jenna, nah nah nah nah nope sirry. we actually brought up crying on purpose, because jenna's ability to cry-act is unlike no other!! just watch the beginning of scream (2022), and you'll see. we still remember being in the theatre when we saw the trailer - ONLY JUST THE TRAILER - and we wanted to drop a proper "d@mn!!"

additionally, crying isn't the only thing that jenna has up her sleeve. her ability to be down-right genuine in her roles is so freakin' refreshing!! to clarify, this is not the same thing as when people say how some actors play "themselves" in all their roles. with jenna, there is a legitimate sincerity that she mixes and incorporates with her characters that make them, not only relatable but also, their own person.

honestly, we haven't seen a bad jenna ortega movie, show, clip ~ whatever!! and she's only 19!! wtf!! like, shut the front door!! 🤯🤯 all we're saying is, she's got a red carpet future for sure!! and are we obsessed?? guilty (hashtag asher angel)!! people may have gotten to the scene first and dubbed her the new "it-girl" for horror, but here at twinsAF, we will be the first to state that she is a gen z icon. even if she was just a few months short from being a part of the superior '03 baby club, we still love that she belongs to the zoomers. it's like how the boomers get to say they 'have' daniel day lewis, and the gen x-ers get to say they 'have' reese witherspoon. we will get to tell the generation below that we 'have' the acting-legend, jenna ortega.

all this said, it is only fitting for jab-stabbin' jenna to be the first to break the mold for our deadlist-ers. now, we are only three wanted peeps in so far but hey!! changin' the game early. she's the first to be listed without hopscotch credit, however, we hope to loop her in soon. 'til then, we want to say that jenna, if you are reading this, (if you are, AAAAAAHHHHHH & OMG you are so flippin' gorgeous!!) we still believe that you deserve a proper applause along with an overflowing amount of roses, a tiara, a red carpet, and confetti - lots of glitter confetti!! but we also wish you nothing but the best. fingers crossed that one day we can have the honor to work with you (and maybe even be friends. but we aren't pushy).

take care, the twins xox

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