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nat & liana = the cutest couple ever

stop it. we can see your judgment. your thoughts, wondering why two twins are shipping these co-stars. your questions. we sense it all. and before you go all judgment-mode on us, let us talk. you were the one that click on this post.

thinking they were just two actors put side by side in the so-so-ish movie stuck in love, we were loosing our minds when we just so happened to stumble across -

WAIT. just hold on a sec. we have to rewind a bit. technically this is what our parents would call us out on for 'pork-barreling', but we need to let you in on our brief-but-everlasting relationship with the wolff bros. (yes this is what we call them).

it all starts long, long ago, when they were just wee little lads on nickelodeon's the naked brother band. it's a weird name for a kid show, but we like to think that it had some relevance to the story or show (????um????that????might????be????worst????never-mind - forget we said that). anyway, the actuality that we watched this show is a bit up in the air, since only one of us (katie) can remember, but we take her word for it. so, as young annie has the ittiest-bittiest recollection of the shows stories, young katie is plotting her deviant baby plan to take down the wolff bros. in young katie's mind, if the wolff bros, who were brothers and not twins (which were obviously, obviously superior in her mind), and they had their own tv show, we could easily be the next sibling-duo-show. specifically being the wolff bros' rivals. and this was such a vivid motive and plan that young katie actually had dreams about taking them down. yeah......(we want to apologize at this point to the wolff bros. we were young. sorry.) but, eventually, that persistence faded away and we got actual future dreams (hashtag filmmakers). and this dream led us to watch a bunch of movies, including a lot of nat wolff ones. it was actually quite funny, it felt like we would've known that he was in the shows we were watching, but it just came as a surprise when he was on screen. like "hey! omg, that's that wolff bro!" (using the word 'bro' as one would use 'dude' and not knowing he was an actual bro). then, fast forward some time, the whole jumanji thing happened - did we tell you about the jumanji thing? no? well, we were watching the new remake of jumanji - the welcome to the jungle one - as a family movie night, and non-stop now-older-annie wouldn't shut up about how "the main guy freakin' looks like nat wolff.". and you know if that was non-stop throughout the movie, now-older-annie freakin' lost her sh!t when the credits rolled on screen, and she saw that young spencer was alex wolff. like c'mon!! that's just twinning!! afterwards, it was not forgotten and some how it just clicked in katie's head that they were the bros in the naked brother band. and, yeah, we've just properly loved them in a platonic sending-our-hugs-your-way and we're-gonna-follow-you-and-your-careers-forever type of love.

so, now with that in mind (and knowing that we actually cut that story down by a tremendous half to be able to get back on topic), you can understand why it would come to no surprise for us to have dipped into a nat and alex wolff spotify-binge recently (sears, "colorful raindrops" is currently playing as we type, and, yes, they are also really great singers!!). speaking specifically, a song that we both fell in love with hardcore is titled "maybe" off of their album black sheep. and one day, by getting off track, we just so happened to stumble upon the music video. like, if you saw this thumbnail, wouldn't you click on it too?!

and it was by buying into this clickbate that we also happened to stumble across a more important factor. LIANA LIBERATO aka our fellow texas gal aka nat's co-star in stuck in love IS FREAKIN' THE GIRL IN IT!! (you know the role the girl that all early-to-mid 2000s music videos had in them.)

and this was freakin' made BEFORE they both were in stuck in love - BEFORE!!

so, we instantly, like any good human would do, looked up if they were together/are together/have any relation whatsoever and NOTHING!!

"ppssshhh, nah. that is not true", our brains tell us. so we fall into a baby rabbit hole of watching interviews and reading articles with the two. turns out they are good friends. so much so that in an interview with inquisitr ( nat constantly compliments liana and mentions that working with her was "unbelievable" - to the point that nat tells a story about how the director of the movie asked him why working with her was so much fun, and nat responded with "it's like breathing air."


(we know this first photo is blurry but you are just gonna have to watch the music video)

like c'mon!! either he is one of the few rare men out there that is actually nice and decent - not putting that pass him - or nat and liana are an otp. and yeah, we may be reading into this, but, then again, we may not. which is a high possibility. at the end of the day, it is your choice. (technically it is their's but for the time being it is your's). so what do say?

ship or sink??

ps. we'll save you the googling or the safari-ing. cheers :)

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