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WEDNESDAYS @ THE ANGELIKA pt. 1 (the duke)

can we just say, how AMAZING movie theaters are. setting aside our (well, actually only annie's) ocd and anti-socialness, an into-the-world outing experience cannot get any better than an outing to the movie theaters. it truly is like the 'let's go to the movies' scene in the musical annie. the experience is exquisite. or at least that's how we look at it.

we understand that, now with streaming normalizing the accessibility to watch films in the comfort of your home, the appeal of going to the cinema is just another thing to do. the theatre experience has diminished in society's eye. it's just so "on-hand" that it has lost its precious value. but, here at twinsAF, we ask one question. why??

sure you might have that special blankey at home or the ability to casual-it-out in some jammies, but save that for your tv-shows. make it a point to appreciate the theaters by appreciating yourself. get ready. splurge on your concessions. go ham on the popcorn. have a proper cinema experience. don't just decide it's gonna be you and blankey waiting for whenever the latest movie drops on itunes.

especially as we are carefully coming out of this crazy pandemic. theaters need our help. it would be a shame to watch them all infinity war away. and, specifically, go help out your favorite local theaters. for instance, the angelika is our fav, and we love every chance we get to go. we would cry if we watched it get replaced by some tacky apparel store. therefore, we have made it a point to begin this thang we call..............


we promise to acquire a more professional collaborative pic, but, since we are gun-ho-ing this shindig, this is what we got. so, what can you expect?? well. we will advertise our angelika experience on our insta, as we go out every wednesday to watch a new film. on this end (the blog), we will review the movie - apart from our still-standing hopscotch - and write up a review for it. obviously, obviously not all of the posts are going to include this intro, but we had to address what we are doing before we could get into the fun stuff.

let's begin!!



score: 81 rating: R time: 95 minutes

not sure about y'all, but we have been waiting for this film for a long time. when we were hardcore deep in our fionnvestigation, we rummaged, actor, fionn whitehead's imdb page like we were studying for a test. in this effort, we caught that "some movie called the duke" was out but not available in the u.s. yet. therefore, when we got news that the duke was coming to the theaters and to the angelika, our favorite theatre, no less, we were thrilled. hence, we went as soon as we could.

right off the bat, we could tell that the duke was going to be special due to its editing. introducing the film with fun split screen montage and movement panels, this choice of style was unique and fresh. it felt very 'new' to the screen, which is an extra special talent to the director, roger michell. you may be familiar (hashtag liam payne and j balvin) with his work from being the one responsible for the masterpiece that accompanied batch one of our hopscotch, my cousin rachel. if you recall, we didn't stop gushing and gushing over the shot comp. and directing in that review. the duke is no different. sure, the composition of this film may be a bit more subtle than the obvious artsy-ness of my cousin rachel, but the impact and the objective was still strongly there.

for example, (spoiler) we gotta give our snaps to roger and the d.o.p.s (directors of photography) for those close ups during the break-in scene. they were cleverly deceptive to the viewer's eye, because, instead of incorporating the use of wide shots to show the bigger pun intended, the specificity on the painting and the gallery honed in on the fact that this was the moment in the film (aka magnifying the importance of this scene in the overall story), while also (spoiler) not giving away who was the actual thief.

correspondingly, what put an additional smile on our faces was the duke's commitment, particularly with the dinner/food scenes. what an oddity to point out, but we wholeheartedly appreciate the little things. in this instance, when dinner was served, you actually saw steam coming off the mashed potatoes. it almost shocked us at first, because hot meals aren't very common in shows (since it could lead to continuity errors with breaks in-between takes and etc.), but the endeavor to provide the scene with fresh, hot mashers made the scene feel more authentic. like we said above, the reasoning behind excluding hot food in your scenes is reasonable, so we don't want to come across bigoted. however, think about the big bang theory. it's a great successful show, where the cast always had take-out. you may think "oh that's sweet. they have a tradition." by nah. if you think about that, it's just easy to grab. was that a hot take?? well, either way, that's why we appreciate the duke and their hot food.

lastly, if fionn whitehead is in a film, do you think we would skip mentioning him?? not a chance!! but to be honest, the whole cast was fantastic. notably, the first thing to take into consideration was that this film was based on a true story. it may not be super apparent to you, but when it comes to non-fiction storytelling, we, as an audience, can view the story and its characters as outside figures that we watch from a distance. we analyze and don't sink into the plot. this can be difficult when it comes to having an emotional attachment to the story, leading to the film lasting less of a grand impression on its audience. for the duke, that could've held the same concern but nope. the characters were so lovable, very well relatable, and easy to connect with. but no surprise, right?? not when you got jim broadbent, helen mirren, and of course, the shinning star, fionn whitehead. did you know, that wasn't even fionn's actual accent?!?! it might of slipped here and there, but it was definitely more of some irish-niall-horan-style voice.

all in all, the duke didn't disappoint and was all so enjoyable to see in the theaters. we couldn't be more thrilled to start this new tradition with our ventures to the angelika movie theatre. and we hope that, whether you go see the duke or another movie, you join our venture and make it a point to visit your favorite theatre, too.

-- thanks, angelika xo

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